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How to start no dust brooms business with low investment and get high profits

No Dust brooms business plan: In this article, let’s learn about the huge demand business that can start with an investment of 10 thousand rupees and earn good income.

we generally use a broom to clean the house. Brush brooms are mostly used in it. But when these brooms are bought new and used, they shed after a few days. Because of that, it takes a lot of effort and time to clean the dust on the floor. As an alternative to these, no dust plastic brooms are available in the market. When the floor is cleaned with these plastic brooms, there is no dust like flakes. Similar to regular broom. Durability is high. It can also be easily washed.

So those who want to start any business with low investment can start this plastic brooms business and earn good income.

Now let’s know how to do this business.

Those who want to start this plastic brooms business with low investment, it is better to start in wholesale to retail method. Because to start a plastic brooms manufacturing industry, an investment of around 15 lakh rupees is required.

The wholesale to retail method means buying plastic brooms at a low price in wholesale and selling them in retail. In this method we can start this business even with an investment of 10 thousand rupees. You can get good profits.


Currently, if we look at the prices of no dust plastic brooms in online grocery stores like supermarkets, amazon, flipkart, the price of a plastic broom is between 160/- to 190/- depending on the company. That’s you Indiamart. If we look at the prices of plastic brooms in Com, the wholesale price of each plastic broom is 66/- rupees. Prices also fluctuate depending on the quality. Including all expenses like transport, each broom cost you around 75/- rupees. So if you sell the plastic brooms bought in wholesale at retail for 140/-, you will get (140-75)=65/- profit on each broom. 50 x 65/- = 3250/- per day, 25 x 3250/- = 81,250/- rupees per month for selling minimum 50 plastic brooms per day. Depending on the price you sell, the margin will vary in revenue. Buy plastic brooms from wholesaler according to your investment and sales.

When it comes to the marketing of these plastic brooms, you can earn good income only by doing direct sales on your own. These can be sold by promoting them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp groups. This business can be said to be women friendly. Because they use it more, they know more about it. Also, the features and uses of plastic brooms can be explained easily. So there are chances of more sales. Also, you can join online stores like Amazon and Flipkart as a seller and sell with your own brand. You can also sell to local street vendors, retail shops like fancy shops, supermarkets, and grocery stores with some margin. Marketing can also be done in places like offices, schools, and hotels.



Before starting this plastic brooms business, you should study more deeply and start by looking at the market. We have also placed the details of wholesalers of these plastic brooms in this video description. Can observe.


That’s it readers!! Details about Plastic Brooms business. Let us know in the comments how you feel about this business.

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