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How to earn huge income from beanbags business

Beanbags business idea: In this article, let’s learn about a profitable business idea that unemployed people and women can start with little investment. Let’s see the details of small investment worry-free business now!.

If we go into details, in our daily life we ​​purchase things like food, clothing, house etc. And more importantly, we also purchase various furniture items to keep the house beautiful and comfortable. Now everyone is showing interest in buying furniture items which are easily movable and cost less. Also, furniture items are often changed for a new look for the home. So therefore they purchase more items with less investment. In this category, the most demanded product in the market is bean bag. You can make these bean bags with an investment of 30,000/- and earn good income.


Now let’s know full information about this bean bag making business.
Stylish furniture has a high demand in the market. Bean bags are like sofa resting chair like seat and can be cleaned easily. As they are light weight, people who often change new varieties of furniture purchase various bean bags. Price is also very low. These bean bags can be easily placed on one side of hall, balcony, bedroom. They sell from low rate to high rate in the market. Beanbags can be made into seats, sofas, small stools and sold in the market.

Now let’s see the machinery and raw material required for Bean bag making business!
When it comes to the raw material required for this business, artificial lather, polyester, nylon, cotton, etc. are mostly used. Also for making a beanbag, you need thermocol balls (expandable high impact polystyrene material), zip, stitching thread, pencil, scissors, cutter, ruler, and velcro to close the bag. When it comes to machinery, a stitching machine used for normal rexine and leather stitch is sufficient. This machine is available on Indiamart.com.


When it comes to making a bean bag, take the desired cloth, mark the measurements and stitch the bag, then fill the beans and sell the bean bags in the market.

Now let’s know the details of investment, income & expenses.
You can start bean bag in two ways, you can stitch this business and sell it from your home. You will need a helper to do this. Secondly, you can open a workshop and appoint a skilled tailor and stitch bags and sell them through him. To do this you need to appoint three workers along with Tailor. To start this business at your home means you need an investment of Rs 30,000/-.
To start like a big industry means up to 3 lakh rupees is required. In starting, you can start small and after increasing awareness, you can grow big. It will cost you around Rs.300/- to make a minimum size bean bag. You can sell it for 600 rupees in the wholesale market and 800 rupees in the retail market. Here you can see that the profit depends on the material you use and the size of the bean bag.


Now let’s talk about marketing.
You can approach all the furniture shops in the market for this business and sell the product. You can also set up a mobile stall and sell it monthly at apartments and gated communities near you. Your product should be marketed as the best, which means you should make trendy varieties of bean bags. Friends, some of us are selling normal bean bags in city outskirts, you can sell your product on commission basis to them. You can also sell your product on e-commerce websites. If you list your company on Indiamart.com, exportersindia.com, tradeindia.com you will get orders from there too. You can also sell your product in exhibitions and small markets.

That’s it readers!! Details about Bean Bag making business. Let us know in the comments how you feel about this business.

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