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Start Own business with Poshlook dealership and distributorship business opportunities

Everyone wants their house to be beautiful, attractive and very new. For that, they are doing interior work to make their home, office and shops look creative and grand.
But the public is ready to spend many lakhs to get interior work done on their house, shortage of painters and carpenters, high labor rates of painters and carpenters, need of more wood sheets, problems are bothering them. Moreover, even if there is a small fire in the house, there is a risk of burning the entire wooden interior. And all that is spent will be wasted. So checking all these problems, a company called POSHLOOK INTERIORS has introduced new products in the market.

This POSHLOOK INTERIORS company has brought new interior decor products in the market with the brand name “Posh look granite sheets”. This company has the largest godown in south India at Uyyur in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh.


The posh look granite sheets of this company can be arranged to make the house look posh like a dream house with low cost. These sheets are not damaged. Also these sheets.. can withstand temperature up to 150 degrees Celsius. It also does not get damaged by water and does not get moldy. Also ECO Friendly and zero maintenance. The durability of these sheets is more than 30 years.

When building a new house, it is enough to put single plastering on the walls, it can be installed easily even in a pre-built house, and also save a lot of paint costs. If these sheets are installed on the walls, the cracks on the walls will not be visible. Also these sheets will not get damaged even if nails are hammered into the walls. These posh look granite sheets can be installed on walls like interlock bricks and cement bricks without the need for plastering.



Also for walls, furniture, modular kitchen, and ceiling, different types of premium quality posh look sheets can be used to bring a grand look.

Easy installation, Flexible, Zero maintenance, Fireproof, Waterproof, Formaldehyde, Reusable.. these are the specialties of posh look granite sheets.
So those who want to do business with posh look granite sheets which is an interesting product can contact “POSHLOOK INTERIORS” company. This company currently offers posh look granite sheets distributorships and dealerships in all states and districts across India. So interested entrepreneurs and unemployed people who are interested in this business opportunity can use this opportunity and establish their own business. Also there is a chance to earn good income.


MARBLE SHEET size- 8’x4’=32sq.fts , PVC SHEET size- 10’x10’=10 Running fts, 3D SHEET size – 8’x4’=32sq.fts , GOLDEN SHEET size – 8’x4’=32sq.fts. are in fts. Also ALUMINUM CHANNELS (L,U,H,V) are available in Black, silver, gold and rose wood colors. Also there are 4 inch, 2 inch boarders, 1.2 mm sheets.
When it comes to the prices of these sheets, the price per sq.ft ranges from 20 rupees to 120 rupees. The life of these posh look granite sheets is more than 30 years. The company gives 10 years warranty for the glassy look of these sheets.



When it comes to business opportunity,
If you want this posh look granite sheets STATE HUB, a minimum investment of 50 lakh rupees is required. A minimum 1000sqft godown is required. Also 20’X20′ size commercial space is required for office.
Also, for district wise distributorship, minimum investment of 5 lakh rupees is required. A minimum 700sqft godown is required. Also 10’X20′ size commercial space is required for office.
Similarly, if you want a Mandal wise dealership, a minimum investment of 2 lakh rupees is required. A minimum 400sqft godown is required. Also 10’X10′ size commercial space is required for office.

When it comes to income, the company says that there will be a profit margin of 1 lakh to 5 lakh rupees on monthly sales in this business.

When it comes to the support given by the company to those who have taken state hub, distributorship or dealership,
The company will help you to do this business even for those who have no knowledge about the construction industry. To install these sheets, a skill person will be given full training on your behalf. Weekly dealers zoom meeting will be held. Also the company provides carpenter support, man power support. Also provides all required technical & marketing support. The company always gives all kinds of advice and suggestions that you need to do business.

ADDRESS: D.No.1-285/A, Z.P.H.School road, Vuyyuru, Krishna Dist, Andhra Pradeshdesh. PIN Code-521165.
Phone Nos: 9123587665, 9492662009. (Call Timings: 10:00am to 7:00pm)


That’s it friends!! Details about POSHLOOK INTERIORS business opportunities. Let us know your opinion on this article in the comments.

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    I want to became your dealer in hyderabad.
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