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Tacos distributorship business opportunity in india


Tacos distributorship business opportunity in india:

Namkeen and snacks are the things that come to mind for entertainment today, whether it is traveling, watching a movie or watching TV. Namkeen, snacks business is the second business after tea in our country. So this Namkeen, in the field of snacks business, started with its own brand name “TACOS” and grew into a big company in no time and today is looking for distributors for the TACOS snacks products manufactured by their company for enterprising entrepreneurs who want to Do business in the same field.

The company’s TACOS Products manufacturing unit has been set up at Chebrolu, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. Supplying these tacos snacks products to many surrounding districts from here, customers and vendors are popular. This company has obtained food license and all other types of licenses from Govt.



This company has 16 varieties of tacos products.
1.Tacos Dollye, 2.Tacos jungle jumbo, 3.Tacos Chinese bhel, 4.Tacos Snake & ladder, 5.Tacos Crazy tomato, 6.Tacos red jumbo, 7.Tacos spicy – wheels, 8.Tacos yellow Jumbo, 9 .Tacos Dum biryani, 10.Tacos veg Biryani, 11.Tacos Hyderabad Hungama, 12.Tacos surprise, 13.Tacos manpasandh, 14.Tacos frankey,15. There are 16 types of Tacos polo rings, 16. Tacos ABCD Hyderabad.
Now that the margins are high, in cotton box packing, six new varieties have been introduced in the market with the names of Tacos Pop corn, Mini puffs, LUDO, chinese frenke, Pasta, Puff. In these new 6 varieties, each cotton box contains 14 packets per garland, with 15 garlands, totaling 210 packets. The MRP price of this BOX is 1050/-. Company will give 750/- to Distributors.

The company will also supply flavored drinks as summer special this year in 5 rupees and 2 rupees packets of Grape, Apple, mango, jeera, orange, lemon verities… juice packets.
When it comes to the distributor margin of juice packets, the MRP price per packet is Rs.5/-. On this, the company will give 3.20/- (three rupees) to the distributors.

Also, the juice packet, which costs two rupees, will be given to the distributors at the price of 1.20/- (one rupee ten paise).
Similarly, the MRP price of Popcorn and All Fryums is Rs.5/-. The company supplies these items at the distributor price of 3.70/- (three rupees seventy paise).
Also, this company has the most popular Rings packets, the MRP price of one packet is Rs.5/-. There is also a gift item inside this packet. The company gives these rings packets to distributors for 3.50/- (three rupees forty paise).



Similarly, the company will supply you the rest of the products at approximately the same margin.
In this distribution business you will have a profit margin of up to 30%. The company claims that you can earn lakhs per month.
So aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in these products can apply for TACOS distributorship. Those from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana can apply for this distribution. This distributorship is given zone wise. This distributorship requires an investment of around Rs. 50 thousand – 1 lakh. This business needs a commercial place and a godown for rent of Rs 5,000/- per month.


As for the support provided by the company,
The company provides tacos t-shirts. Also, the marketing team on behalf of the company will provide you with all kinds of advice and support in terms of sales & marketing, staff.
Further, when it comes to franchise, the company will set up and give the necessary machinery to the TACOS snacks products franchisee to manufacture the company’s snacks products. Also, provides complete knowledge on packing pouches, packing process and business operations. This franchise requires an investment of around 50 lakh rupees.

Phone number: 9701205498, 9989659722.
Address: Chebrolu, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh 522212

That’s it friends! Details about business opportunity of TACOS company. Share your opinion on this article in the comments.

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