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How to get maha cement dealership and maha cement dealership cost?

 How to get maha cement dealership of MY HOME INDUSTRIES, the leading company in this article? What are the terms and conditions? How much investment is required? What is the profit margin? What phone numbers do I need to call to get in touch? Let’s find out now.

Maha cement bag

Going into further details, the construction sector is one of the fastest growing sectors. Cement is an important raw material for the construction sector. Almost everyone uses quality and branded cement. So those who want to take cement dealership and start a business, MY HOME INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LTD, a leading company in the cement sector, can consider their Maha Cement dealership opportunity. You can easily get Maha Cement dealership and start a business. This company has maha cement 43grade, 53grade, as well as OPC, PPC type cements. It has cement manufacturing plants in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Maha cement plant


To get Maha Cement Company dealership, you need to rental the shop or commercial space, register your shop with the local Auditor or accountant and get the GST number, as well as the current account in any bank. Also take the Pan number on the business name. Once these are ready and you contact the company you will start the company dealership process.

Maha Cement Outlet


You will need to rent a godown or shed with an area of ​​approximately 500 sft. It should be shed to accommodate two lorries of cement bags. Also this business requires a minimum of two helpers. You have to do the interior yourself in the shop. Also company marketing persons visit the shop once a week and give marketing support. Online and offline marketing support on behalf of the company. The company assists in interior painting and maha cement branding inside the shop.

Also the cement company will send their marketing executives to the construction sites in your area and talk to them and give you orders to get the business.


 2 lakh as deposit to the company for Maha cement dealership. This is a refundable amount with interest. Also the material cost plus a lorry load is around Rs. 2,40,000 / -. The company will also give you a credit limit of up to Rs 5 lakh for the goods. You can do business from Rs 40,000 / – to Rs 1 lakh per month and have a good income, the company says. Profit depends on service and demand. There is a profit of about 10-15 rupees on a cement bag.



  You also have to pay for the shop rent, workers salaries and expenditure. 2.40,000 / – per lorry load for cement stock.

 Cement rate also varies from market to area and from area to area. The dealership cost is almost the same in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, but there may be a slight price difference in some areas.

If you want to apply for Maha Cement Dealership .. you can call 040-66929696 and 1800-200-2552. Or you can go to the Maha Cement website link below and find out the full details of the dealership.





Phone: 040-66929696, 1800-200-2552.




That’s it readers! Details about Maha Cement dealership. Leave your comment on this video in the comments.

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