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Start a Food Business with Modern food Machines at Venkateshwara Enterprises

Start a Food Business with Modern food Machines:

Do you want to start your own business and become self-employed? But this is for you. But you can start food processing unit and earn good income. In this article, about the three types of machinery related to the food processing industry, and how much it costs? How much is the profit? All the details like manufacturing requirements, manufacturing process, machine prices, suppliers’ phone numbers are given.

We are going to inform you about machines like Papad making machine, Roti Making Machine, Potato chips making machine which are available at very low prices. Appadas, samosa, panipuri, chapati, roti, aloo chips, lays, French fries can be made with these machines. We are also going to tell you how much income you can earn through them.



1) First let’s know about Papad making machine or appadala machine:

Three types of ingredients can be made with this appadala machine.

For example 1) Preparation of appadas 2) Preparation of samosas 3) Preparation of pani puri.
The three items mentioned above can be made in one machine. The price of this machine is Rs 60,000 only.

Raw materials for making Papad :- Minumuls, Pesars, rice flour, Maida flour etc. are required.



Cost of making these :- Eg : To make a packet of 20 pieces, our cost would be Rs.6/- to Rs.8/-. It can be sold in the market as 16 rupees as market price.

That means you can get a profit of 8 rupees on one packet.
If we make 500 packets per day, our profit will be 10,000/-. In this way, we can earn an average of one lakh to one lakh fifty thousand per month.

1000 – 1200 pieces of appadas can be made per hour with this appada making machine. This machine has 1hp motor, 1440 rpm. Works with single phase /220v power.

This company is providing this machine with godrej motor facility and lifetime warranty for the motor. This company provides you doorstep service. 1 year service warranty and guarantee is given for this machine.


2) Now let’s know about Chapati Making Machine or Roti Making Machine:

You can make 400-2000 chapatis per hour with this chapati making machine. In this machine we have pressing machine with roasting in one mission. This machine works with gas and current facility.
Raw materials for making chapatis :- Wheat flour, water and salt etc. are required.


Chapati making machine


Cost of making chapatis: Cost of one kg of wheat flour Approx : Rs.38. As we have seen, one kg of wheat flour makes 25 chapatis.
We sell a chapati at Rs 5 to the market. 25×5=125 sold to Rs. From this the investment cost (including current, labor cost) of Rs.50 is deducted and a profit of Rs.75/- can be made. If you make 150 kg chapatis per day, you can earn 75×150= 11,250/- rupees.

The price of this machine is Rs. 1,50,000/- to 3,00,000/-. You can buy the machine according to your ability. 1 year service warranty and guarantee is given for this machine.

3) Now let’s know about Potato chips Making Machine:

Machines for making potato chips or potato chips,
First of all, the device needed to clean the bengal potatoes and remove the skin from above.. Potato peeler.

a) Potato peeler :- Its capacity is 100 – 120kgs per hour we can clean and peel potatoes.

Then the machine.. Potato slicer or potato cutting machine. A machine used to cut peeled beetroot into small pieces.

b) Potato slicer: Potatoes can be cut in three ways with the help of this machine.
1) chips 2) Lays 3) French fries.

By changing the die we can cut in these three ways.

Then machine.. Potato dryer machine. With the help of this machine, all the remaining water in the beetroot is sent out and not dried. We have to fry the dried potatoes again.

c) The next machine is oil fryer. Fry the cut beets with the help of this machine.

d) Next machine.. Masala Coated Machine. Spices are added to the chips with the help of this machine. Then packing should be done.


Potato chips making machine

Potato chips making Process machines cost:
Potato Peeler, Potato slicer, Potato Dryer, Potato Fryer and Masala Coated machine. The price of this machine set is 1,40,000/-.
Raw materials:- Potato. Three types of chips can be made with the help of this machine.

Cost of manufacturing :- Eg: If we take 5kg of potatoes, we will make 1kg of chips. The market price of chips is Rs 300/- per 1 kg.

The cost of making one kg of chips is Rs 170. will be The profit for one kg of chips is Rs 130/-. In this way, even if you sell 100 kg per day, you can get a profit of 13000/-. That means you can earn 2,00,000 to 2,30,000 with an average of 20 days of work in a month.

All these types of machines are made of food grade material steel (SS304 Grade steel). 1 year service warranty and guarantee is given for these machines. Provides you with doorstep service. This company supplies these machines all over India. All types of small scale and industrial machinery are available at this company.

Company address:
Venkateshwara Enterprises
All types of Food processing machine manufacturer
#2-1-1132, Saraswati Kalani, Uppal, Near Nagol Metro Station, Pillar
No – C845, Near Uppal RTA Office, Hyderabad, Telangana.
Phone: 9000505922, 7569654525, 9848999744.
mail id :- venkateshwaraenterprises110@gmail.com
Website: www.venkateshwaraenterpriseshyd.com


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