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Edible biscuit tea cups making business plan with small investment

Edible biscuit tea cups making business plan:


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A large percentage of people drink tea or coffee as a way to relax from work pressures and a fast-paced lifestyle. Some people take cold beverages like milkshakes and juice. Once they used to drink plastic cups and plastic glasses. But today people are aware of the health risks caused by plastic products. So people use paper cups and edible tea cups as an alternative to them. Edible tea cups are also known as biscuit tea cups. Everyone likes these without harming the environment and we get biscuits along with tea or coffee. This is a new product which has become popular in our country recently. Demand will also increase in all states now.



So you can start manufacturing biscuit tea cups with such a good scope and earn good income.
In these biscuit tea cups, hot tea and coffee can last up to 30 minutes without melting, while cold beverages can last up to 40 minutes without melting.

With these cups, biscuit tea cup stalls are being set up in shopping malls and crowded areas. It is new and well received in the market as a variety. You can start this biscuit tea cups business in two ways, you can buy it from those who are already manufacturing and you can resell it or you can manufacture it yourself and sell it under your own brand.

Both hot and cold beverages can be tasted in these cups, the ingredients inside the cups do not change the taste at all, coffee, tea, ice cream, milkshakes, and juices can be served, these cups are crispy and crunchy to eat. Like other plastic and paper cups, you can drink tea and eat biscuit cups without throwing them away.




Now let’s see what are the raw materials and machinery required for Biscuit Tea Cup Making!
Friends, the raw materials needed for this business are corn starch, tapioca starch, wheat flour, soya flour, baking powder, added flavors and water. In this combination of raw materials, each company uses a different combination for their specialty. So in the video we have informed the raw materials used by a company. Also a Biscuit tea cups making machine, a flour mixing machine is required.

Now let’s see how to make these Biscuit tea cups!
First of all raw materials should be mixed in sufficient proportion in flour mixing machine. Then put this mix in the stand for the required quantity for making cups. Then the mix in the stand should be baked in the molds of the machine. After that press the handle of the machine.
The machine, with the help of power supply, heats and turns the mix in the molds into cups. Do this twice. Finally, the extra material on the cups should be removed with a scrapper. This is how the biscuit tea cups are ready.




Now let’s talk about marketing.
You can sell these cups in tea stalls, coffee shops, hotels, small canteens etc. Since you are the manufacturer, you can put your brand name and sell them like these tea or coffee stalls. Since these are like wafers, you can sell them in grocery and general stores, and those who like their taste will also purchase them at home. These cups can also be sold in shops that sell milk shakes, ice cream. Also, you can sell these cups by registering as a seller on all E-commerce websites like amazon pantry, flipkart grocery.

Now let’s know the details of investment, income and expenses in this industry!
Any industry can be started small, this industry is also like that. What we need to start this industry, biscuit tea cup making machine.. is available in the online market starting from 3,95,000 rupees. Also flour mixing machine is available for 10,000 rupees. A 250 sft space is suitable for starting this industry, minimum 2 labors are required for making cups. Those who sell machinery… how to mix these raw materials? How to operate the machine? Training is given on things like Single phase electricity supply is also required. Total investment of up to 5 lakhs is required for this industry.



We make these cups in 3 types of sizes. The retail price of 60ml biscuit tea cup is Rs.7. Including all the costs of making a cup, it costs us up to 3 rupees, if we make one cup and sell it directly at retail, we get a profit of 4 rupees, if we make and sell 1000 cups a day, we get a profit of 4000 rupees a day. In the same wholesale, if you sell 1000 cups per day with a margin of two rupees, you will have a profit of 2000 rupees.

And after getting govt permissions for this industry, FSSAI license i.e. food license must be taken for this business. Trade license should also be taken.

Before starting this industry, we would like to study more about the prices and other things in the market and move forward.

That’s it readers!! Details about Biscuit Tea Cup Making Business Let us know in the comments how you feel about this business.

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