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Top 9 business ideas from home in low investment

Let’s learn about new 9 business ideas in this article.

1. Cleaning service


In the past, the elders did not care about the old people saying, ‘Wash your hands, Nayana, take a bath, Babu…’. Corona has added a new syllabus to lifestyle called cleanliness lesson. Tuned the brain with practical tests. As a result, not only children and adults started to take special care in cleaning the environment, but also in the cleanliness of the environment. Urban people are at the forefront of this progress. The service companies say that the number of people asking service providers to come and clean our house with disinfectants is increasing day by day. Independent houses, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, corporate offices… want daily cleaning… and spraying of disinfectants to prevent the spread of the virus.

Money is not behind. People with the agility, proper planning, marketing skills and dedication to turn this need into a business are busy with the ‘Urban Cleaning’ business. Skilled people are given employment in cleaning. Taking booking orders through online and continuing deep cleaning services. These startups are charging Rs.500 for cleaning the bathroom, Rs.2000 for the kitchen, Rs.5000 for the entire house and so on. Those who are already in the forefront of this business through online apps and are offering their services regionally are also competing in the cleaning service.
So you can get employment with this ‘urban cleaning’ business.

2. Furniture for rent


We will rent someone’s house. But, as the days have changed, fully furnished houses are also available for rent. You can think that only furniture is available for rent.. if it is not the time of Corona.. Yes.. office work and work from home is over. Now the situation is to set up an office environment at home. It is not surprising that Ranura has established itself as the same culture. Corporate companies are already continuing to work from home. Some other companies are giving their employees the opportunity to work from their hometowns in the name of work from nativity. In these days when office work at home is inevitable, the office environment should not be arranged.
It costs thousands to lakhs for buying suitable furniture. Some software companies allocate some budget for such needs and give loans to employees. However, for those who think that it is necessary to spend so much, there are companies that provide furniture for rent in urban and city areas. A refundable deposit is fixed depending on the item and this rental business has been turned into a business. For example, you can get a desktop table with a refundable deposit of less than Rs.1000 and rent it for Rs.150 per month.
The rent for each piece of furniture depends on its quality and comfort. TV, bed, sofa and other home furniture are also included in this rental list. Any item desired can be used only by paying appropriate rent and following the rules of the respective company. Among these three, six, twelve months.. full home furniture package rentals are also available. Discount offers are also given.
So you too can start a furniture rental business and earn good income.

3. Preparation of masks and sanitizers


International market researches emphasize that health boxes are the leading demand for health conscious products. To believe it, masks and sanitizers have already joined the new jobs created by this pandemic. Due to the need for these on a large scale, hundreds of manufacturing companies have sprung up across the country from small units to large scale. Some people have come together as a group, and in some places self-help groups are also struggling to sew these masks. Even at home, some housewives are wearing masks to lighten the burden of family maintenance. Boutiques are adapting their business with designer masks to fit the Corona era.
2020.. provided a future vision to business organizations saying wash your hands or use sanitizers every time you are in doubt. With the increase in the use of sanitizers at home, streets and offices, the demand for their manufacturers has increased. Newcomers also got a chance. Orders for sanitizers from charities are re-employing those who have lost their jobs.

Already, state governments across the country have issued necessary licenses to distilleries and other units for hand sanitizer production by December this year. There is also a system of sanitizing drones on top of important offices and buildings. And PPE kits manufacturing units, hand wash, oxygen generator etc. are in priority. An example of this can be taken from the Hyderabad start-up ‘The Pi Factory’ which provides portable oxygen generators on order to the people at home. So you can also get employment with masks and sanitizers business.

4. Cooking business from home


It is a fact that no matter how many types of dishes are served in a hotel, the taste of home cooking cannot be achieved. The same idea has now shown Amma the way of business. Mom’s home cooking is now serving delicious and clean meals to everyone. Cooking has become a big support for the economic uncertainty created by the pandemic. Those who used to bring orders from restaurants are now also ordering from homes and bringing more food.
Before the pandemic, there were orders for household foods only for breads and pickles. Corona Punyamani has entered the home cooking business list. In North India, home cooking by housewives is buzzing on apps. Moreover, home cooking is replacing the restaurants that have closed down due to the lockdown. They are supporting their families who are struggling financially. With the availability of motor cab services and money transfer apps, this home cooking is being marketed well.
In the past, food trucks with tiffin and food facilities were seen here and there on some roads. Now their number has increased. More food trucks will be available for foodies with grocery items, vegetables as well as bakery items like ice cream and cake. So if you are interested you can start food business from home and get employment.

5. Online classes

A smart phone.. has not only fulfilled many needs but has also become a source of many types of income. The use of technology has come to the fore during the Corona era. Due to covid, online school has become for students. Similarly, it has become a training institute for tuitions, art and crafts, fashion, make-up, jewelery making. Professionals are taking classes online.

Online teachers are conducting e-classes by charging an appropriate amount for the course and workshops. Counseling Center is online to get rid of the fear of Corona, health advice and strengthen bonds. Consultants are online gurus for tips on growing plants and pets. E-gurus who share their expertise with others and earn enough income. If you are also an expert in something, you can also get employment through online classes.

6. Virtual Exhibitions and Shopping


The Corona period has given shape to the virtual platform for painters to further improve their artistic talent. Artists used to hold exhibitions with their paintings. Through it, the painting of the customer’s choice was sold on the spot. Now the picture is delivered to the address of the customer who has viewed it in a virtual exhibition and placed an order.
In the same way, designers are adding a virtual experience to the already existing online shopping in the fashion sector. Consumers are buying clothes of their choice while enjoying the experience of being in a shop on a digital platform. In the time of Corona, this virtual system facilitates the sale and purchase and ensures that the business does not stagnate. You can also get employment in this way.

7. Content Writers


Due to the increased demand for the digital medium, creating unique writing content has become a challenge for companies. Agencies are taking help for such content. With that, creative writers are being caught by agencies. The whole world is using the immense opportunities of digital marketing. As a part of this, digital experts are carving engravings for their expertise. . It will establish itself as a money-making crop in the coming days. If you have such skills, you can get employment.

8. Delivery Services


This is the season of home deliveries. Many businesses have carafe digital platforms. Consumers are getting goods and services. Corona has created a huge demand for delivery services that can provide these. The demand for efficient delivery services will continue to increase in the coming days. Compared to 2020, 2021 is showing strong growth for growth in delivery services business. Recently, the central government has allowed the delivery of restaurants, food shops and other goods through e-commerce. This makes it clear that the need for this type of services will increase in the future. So you too can get employment with delivery service business.

9. Home Hospital


Everyone knows how much corona positive makes a person negative. Hospitals are not empty due to the spread of the virus. Shortage of beds. Air is the bed of oxygen. As a solution to this crisis, some private companies have entered the field with the concept of ‘ICU at Home’. Apartments are setting up Intensive Care Units and Isolation Centers following the government guidelines on the request of the housing community members. Housing community groups are turning their attention to companies that set up centers that have beds, oxygen cylinders, monitoring, etc., along with all kinds of medical equipments and a consultant doctor. So if you can make such arrangements at your home, you can also get employment.

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