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How to start CCTV Camera business in india?

The fear of someone stealing our hard-earned money is unavoidable because thefts have become very common these days. Even with the high police vigilance and night patrolling, these thefts do not stop, hence the idea of safety in cities, towns and villages is increasing for people these days. It is difficult for the police to guard each and every place, so apart from most of the rich and businessmen, these CCTVs are mandatory in every apartment and residence. Due to this, another eye watches over our home, office, shop even when we sleep. And if there is any theft, the police department is able to solve many cases quickly through this CCTV footage. So our unemployed youth got another job because of this CCTV business.



This CCTV business is growing at 27 percent every year in rural and urban areas. This business can be started with an investment of Rs.50 thousand to Rs.1 lakh.

Installation:- If you want to set up this business, installation is very necessary, you will need two employees for this, it is better if you hire two employees first.
Day-Night Cameras:- There are several types of CCTV cameras in which small CCTV cameras cost around Rs.1500 to Rs.2000. Also, day-night cameras range from Rs.2500 to Rs.3000.
PTZ cameras and bullet cameras cost between Rs.1400 to Rs.2400. PTZ cameras cost between Rs.30000 to Rs.35000.


Non-IP Segment In the non-IP segment, CP Plus, Dahua and Prima Hikvision companies occupy 70 percent of the market share. Access Communication and Bosch, Panasonic and Honeywell companies are strong in the IP segment. Among these, if we can fix what is convenient for the customer and satisfy the customer by providing quality services, i.e. being available whenever they need them and attending repair works immediately, our business will run smoothly and soon we will get good profits.

This business can be started by taking franchise of any famous brand company. Or you can start by purchasing CCTV raw materials wholesale with your own investment.
Also, many manufacturers in China are exporting goods to India so you can check them out if you find it useful.

What licenses are required for CCTV business?
Generally, licensing and permitting varies from state to state. In most areas, you will need a trade license from the local authorities. Currently, GST registration is mandatory. Also, you can apply MSME Udyog Aadhaar online for subsidy. If you operate a business from a retail premises, you need to obtain permission under the Shops & Establishments Act.
When you keep your cctv or security equipment with you, be sure to keep the legal documents.


Business Promotion:
A key aspect that you should focus on is your promotion. You should have marketing knowledge in CCTV installation business.. Broadly, promote your business in advertisements. Nowadays, online plays an important role in making any business popular and expanding quickly. Also, use social media to promote your CCTV camera installation business.

Marketing opportunities for this business:
Public Sectors, Government Offices, Private Companies, Temples, Shopping Malls,
There are opportunities for this CCTV business in schools, hostels, stadiums, retail shops, supermarkets, apartments, gated communities and large buildings.

So you also take this CCTV installation business as an employment opportunity and hope that at least some unemployed youth will excel in this field.

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