How to start pop sockets making business at home?

Homebased Business Ideas in india, In this video, we will learn about yet another business idea to make a good income from home with minimal investment. 

If it goes into the video:

The use of phones in our country is tremendous. It is mobile in the hands of all ages, regardless of whether small or small. Also buying their accessories is more. Other differential phone accessories, such as mobile pouches, screen guards, tags, etc. are used for their specificity, convenientness, their preferences, and safety. The pop socket belongs to this category. Late accessory coming to market right now. The pop socket is pasted on the back of a mobile phone, adjusting up and down like a pop up. This means that when we talk to the phone, the phone has a good grip without sliding. Also, the phone has no scratches when put under the phone. Yet it is stylish for the phone.

So you can earn income by buying and selling plain pop sockets, printing photos of anyone, politician photos, movie hero, heroine photos, business photos, logos, kids photos, different designs. With just a few investments, you can start this customize pop socket business at home.

Now let’s learn about this customize pop socket making process!

You should first turn on the Heat press machine and the Sublimation Printer. Because those machines take a while to heat up. Next use Epoxy laminating resin & Epoxy laminating resin in 2: 1 ratio ie Epoxy laminating resin in 2 parts and Epoxy laminating hardner in 1 glass. Then using the Photoshop software on the computer, pop the socket size and set the desired photo or design for the customer. Then set the A4 Sublimation Paper in the Sublimation Printer and print that design. Cut the printed Sublimation Paper with a scissor. The pop socket has a side sticker. Pick up that sticker and paste it into the phone. The second side is plain covering. Remove it and paste the print on it with Sublimation Tape. Heat press with a heat press machine to cover the plain covering of the pasted pop socket. Now on the heat socket pop socket covering, we should first apply Epoxy Liquid with Pour and Small Brush. This liquid coating results in a glossy finish on the print. After 15 to 30 minutes the cover has dried and the pop socket is fitted and delivered to the customer. This is how friends customize pop socket …!

Now let’s learn about marketing:
You have to tie these pop sockets to gift stores and printing shops and give them some margin. Especially if you direct marketing on social media, there are more profits. That means creating and promoting a Facebook page. Should post on Facebook groups. Also marketing on all platforms like the helo app, share chat. You can also join popular sellers on Amazon and Flipkart to print popular images on a pop socket and put them into sales. Celebrity Photos can be printed and sold in e-commerce and online. A good income can be …………

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