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How to start sugarcane juice packaging and botlling business in india?

Small business ideas in Telugu: In this video, we will learn about the latest business idea that can be started at home with a good investment, good income, good demand. If it goes into the topic…

Sugarcane juice is one of the many health benefits of natural soft drinks. This cane juice is sold in the summer. We know of vendors who cane juice on the roadside and serve fresh to hardcore. While many people like sugarcane juice, roadside cane juice manufacturers do not want to drink sugarcane juice due to poor hygiene, dust, and vehicle pollution. So we can process this sugar cane juice in a clean room, fill it with glass and pet bottles and market it anywhere. This packaging cane juice can be stored for a maximum of 20 days to 90 days. Since we have sugar cane available throughout the year, packaging sugarcane juice glasses can be made available to consumers in various places like cinema halls, bus stands, railway stations, hotels and ice-cream parlors, and income from sales. Industry experts say bottled cane juice has a good future as natural soft drinks are gaining popularity. So we can start this sugarcane juice packaging business with minimal investment and get a good income.

First, let’s learn about the health benefits of drinking sugarcane:
Gives instant energy to the body. It is good for those suffering from fever. People with jaundice maintain a proper glucose level in the blood and heal quickly. Corrects the digestive system. Prevents indigestion problems. The wounds will quickly fall away. Prevents cardiovascular diseases Helps with bone growth and hardening. Cancer protects against blood clots.
Contributes to the normal functioning of the kidneys. There are no health benefits of sugarcane unless the health of the soft drinks currently available in the market is ruined.
Now let’s learn about sugarcane juice glass packaging business making process!
First we have to get the sugarcane peeler machine and remove the checked sugar cane from the sugar cane. Then the sugarcane crusher machine is put in the sugarcane crusher machine, then the sugar cane is added. The filtrate is then filtered in a disposable glass, placed in a glass sealing machine and sealed with the help of sealing paper. That’s what friends! Easy process. Similarly, sugar cane can be filled in pp bottles and sealed with the help of Plastic Cap Closing Machine. Next is to paste the beautiful lables on the bottles and send them to market. Packaging glasses, bottles, or bottles in the fridge will last about 15 to 20 days. If you combine preservatives, it won’t last for 90 days. Preservatives such as citric acid (0.3%), sodium benzoate (0.015%), potassium sorbate (0.025%), and sucrose (10%) should be mixed in this ratio. When adding these preservatives, consult the experts in the field and make their suggestions.

Other details such as manufacturing, revenue, expenses, and marketing can be seen in the video

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