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how to start dustless chalk making with low investment at home in india?

Dustless Chalk business plan, In this video, we will learn about the possibility of self-employment with low investment. If it goes into the topic
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This video shows how to make dustless chalk pieces at home in Telugu. and how to get high profits in this business with low investment. This business idea is very easy to earn money from home.
We all know that chalk peas are used to write on the blackboard in government offices such as schools, colleges, training centers, industries, and banks. Surveys show that the country consumes over one million tonnes of white and different color chalk pins every year. But the chalk pies currently in use are made of raw materials such as plaster of paris and dolatite. These raw materials are converted into liquid form and molded into chalk pies. Research shows that the use of chalk peels in such a way can cause ill health for teachers and students, as well as dust particles while writing, and dust particles in the air during cleaning with the duster. Airborne raw materials are the main cause of illness. This is because they are underweight and the chalk pins lack rigidity. Dustless chalk pies have been developed as an alternative. Now we will learn how to make these Dustless Chalk Pieces with minimal investment at home.

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Dust-free chalks produce a heavier dust that is less likely to linger in the air. Many of today’s schools and school teachers opt for dustless chalk to keep hands and classrooms clean.

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