SHINEMAX steam car wash franchise business opportunity details

In this article, we will learn about the franchise opportunity offered by Shinemax, a company that has introduced the latest technology-enabled business in India, in our Telugu states.

Going into further details, you all know about car wash. If you want to start a car water servicing business, More space is required. As well as the need for more water. Also commercial space has high rents. Man power will also need more people. Surviving all of this, running a business, not having to wash vehicles regularly. Because customers come to do car wash only on weekends and holidays when they are free. Being this way, running the car wash center has become a swordsmanship.

As a solution to these problems, SHINEMAX Company, for the first time in India, has introduced car wash with the latest technology called LPG Steam Wash. With this LPG Steam Wash technology, SHINEMAX has set up mobile car washes. Everywhere this business model has started, they have been running successfully.

This SHINEMAX mobile car wash concept means that the customer who wants to give the car for washing does not have to bring it to the service center. Also there is no need to allocate time for that work. If the customer is in any place where there is some free time, book the slot by phone or app, SHINEMAX mobile car wash vehicle will come there and take the customer car with eco friendly LPG Steam Wash in 15 minutes. Are cleaned as. Customer can wash his car at office, shopping, temple, occasions. With this technology a complete car wash can be done with just 3 liters of water. 499 / – will be charged for servicing a car. The important thing is that this business does not need any shop.

So, this company is offering this innovative concept SHINEMAX steam car wash, franchisees in all cities in Andhra, Telangana and two Telugu states. Those who are interested can get this franchise and earn good income.

The SHINEMAX steam car wash franchise would require an investment of Rs 6.5 lakh. If you give an old maruti omini car or maruti suzuki eeco car to the company, the SHINEMAX steam car wash in that vehicle will be converted into a mobile vehicle. Also the vehicle is equipped with 1) Steam machine 2) Vacuum cleaner 3) Inverter 4) Polishing machine 5) Water Tank 6) Cleaning Brushes 7) Own brand chemicals 8) Generator.

Also one man power is enough to carry this mobile car wash vehicle, to wash the customer car. The company is responsible for supplying this man power. Those who are already there, Maneste recruits new ones.

As well as franchise takers, the company supports marketing. App develops. Leads come to you through slot booking in the App. Also gives Brochures. You have to pay Rs 1500 / – per month as royalty to the company. The company says the business has a good profit margin.

Also contact the company to get this SHINEMAX steam car wash franchise or if you have any doubts on this business. Contact the company that appears on this screen by their address and phone numbers.


ADDRESS: Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

Ph Nos: 95339 45494, 79890 63868.

That’s it readers !! Details about SHINEMAX steam car wash franchise business opportunity. Let us know your thoughts on this article in the comments.

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