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countrymall franchise cost and how to start countrymall grocery store

 Country mall is a popular grocery store company that has become very popular in recent times. In this video, we will learn about the grocery store franchise opportunities currently offered by Country mall in all the cities of our country.

Going into further details, the essential goods are essential for everyone every day. Therefore, for grocery, the demand for this grocery store business will never decrease. Check out this Country Mall franchise looking forward to the super market franchise in the grocery store business sector.

 So, Country Mall, a supermarket concept, has launched an innovative franchise offer with low investment. The company has franchisees in most of the two Telugu states, as well as in this country mall. Elsewhere, the grocery store offers franchise opportunities. The head office of this company is in Hyderabad. This Country Mall sells over 50,000 products. Country mall brands as well as other brands products are also being sold in this franchise.

In this Country Mall groceries, rice and rice products, dairy products, dry fruits, herbal and ayurvedic products, millets, electronics, fruits and vegetables, cosmetics and makeup items, packed food items, fresh eggs, meat, and fish, Telugu homemade food , mobile and fancy gadgets, sweets and savouries etc.

So those interested in this Country Mall franchise, an innovative concept in the supermarket business, can take a franchise in your area, start a Country Mall and get self-employed. As well as earn a good income.

There are 3 types of Country Mall franchises depending on the budget. We can take the franchise depending on our budget. They are, 1. Mini store (FOFO model), 2. Master Store (FOFO), 3. Super Store (FOFO).

1: Mini store (FOFO model): The total investment required to start a franchise in this category is 5-6 lakhs. To open this store you need to rent 300-500 sfts shop area in residential or congested area for rent purpose. Also the investment will be 5-6 lakhs rupees, including franchise fee 1,00,000 / – + GST, franchise fee is non-refundable and onetime investment, branding software and signage board, and so on. 50,000 / – for stock, 2 lakhs rupees for stock, store setup cost plus around 2 lakhs rupees. This model franchise has an average profit margin of 10-12%.


2: Master Store (FOFO): A total investment of 30-40 lakhs is required to start a franchise in this category, after getting the investment details and taking 1500 sft rent purpose in a congested area to put this model outlet. The franchise fee is 5 lakhs rupees + GST, which is 2-3 lakhs rupees for non-refundable and branding software and signage board, approximately 15 lakhs rupees for stock and store setup cost around 5-10 lakhs rupees. This model franchise has an average profit margin of 15%. . It also includes additional margins from mini store sales turnover.

 3: Super Store (FOFO): Total investment required to start a franchise in this category is 80 lakhs to one crore, 5000 fft and above commercial space in a congested area for rent purpose is required for this franchise. Also the franchise fee is 10,00,000 / – + GST, which is 5-10 lakhs for non-refundable, branding software and signage board, 50 lakhs rupees for stock and around 20 lakhs rupees for store setup. This model franchise has an average profit margin of 20%. . It also includes additional margins from master store sales turnover.

These franchise agreements last up to 5 years. Can be renewed after 5 years. Renewal fee free.

The company prepares the theme interior inside this Country Mall franchise and provides marketing and sales guidance. Provides store maintenance training to employees. Everything in the franchise is always under scrutiny.

Also the mini requires three man power to run the Country mall store. Employees should be appointed according to the store model. The company will also send you products that need to be sold in the store from time to time. Also supports offline and online advertising for your franchise.

Also if you have any queries or concerns regarding this Country Mall franchise, please contact BMAX Projects Pvt ltd Company to get the franchise.

BMAX Projects Pvt ltd,

Address – PRM Heights BLD no 1-89 / A / 25, plot no 13, second floor

Kavuri Hills, Madhapur

Hyderabad- 500081.

Phone: 7997924666, 7997154666.

Email: –, Website: –

 That’s it readers! Details about Country mall franchise. Let us know your thoughts on this article in the comments.

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