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New business idea for women at home by MK machinery

HOME BUSINESS IDEA FOR WOMEN: MK MACHINERY, a leading machine manufacturing company in India, offers a business opportunity that can be started with a very small investment, for aspiring entrepreneurs, housewives and the unemployed who want to start any small industry at home. So let’s find out now about that business opportunity.

Going into more detail, it has become mandatory to use disposable paper plates for weddings, kitty parties, garden parties, dinners and tiffins in our country. So is the demand for disposable paper plates. Many aspiring entrepreneurs, women and the unemployed are looking to start making these disposable paper plates at home, with minimal investment. But due to high prices of these machines, lack of proper knowledge on paper plate making, lack of raw materials, lack of awareness on market prices, not knowing how to market the manufactured products, they are unable to undertake the manufacture of these paper plates.

Disposable paper plates

With this in mind, a company called MK Machinery manufactures the best quality machinery for making paper plates in all variations, in different variations. For those who want to earn an income by making paper plates and selling them in the market, we can make machines to suit their needs at the best price. It also supplies you with the raw material needed to make these plates, such as craft paper, expanders, and silver papers at wholesale prices 365 days.

This MK Machinery company has machines available at different prices, at affordable prices, to make all kinds of plates that you can use in the market, such as areca leaf plates, Eco-Friendly Leaf Plates, silver paper plates, buffet paper plates, tiffin plates etc.
So those who want to start making paper plates can start this paper plate business at home by inspecting and purchasing the machines of this company. There are also opportunities to become self-employed and earn a good income.


This company has single die semi-automatic machine, semi-automatic double die machine, single die fully automatic machine, fully automatic double die machine, fully automatic triple die machine, four die fully automatic machine, single die crank machine, double die crank machine ,
triple die fully automatic multi-purpose machine, fully automatic four die crank machine, single double fully automatic multi-purpose machine, hydraulic paper plate machine, fully automatic hydraulic paper plate machine and double die hydraulic paper plate machine etc.

Prices for this machine range from Rs. 55,000 / – to Rs. 3,30,000 / -. These machines can produce 8,000 to 30,000 paper plates per day. These machines have a 2 year warranty. There will be doorstep service. All these machines work with home single phase power supply. Also sends you the raw materials needed to make paper plates from time to time.

Paper plates business

So our contacts in this business, if marketing is done well in our area, can earn around 50 thousand to 60 thousand rupees per month, the company says.
For those who bought the machine at this company, how to make plates? Complete training on how to operate the machine. The company will always give you all the advice and guidance you need to do business. If the paper plates you make cannot be sold in the market, the company will buy from you. But will be lower on the market price.

Contact the company to buy this paper plate making machine or if you have any doubts on this paperpaltes business. Contact the company below with their address and phone numbers.

ADDRESS: # 78/13, First floor, Subhash nagar, Metro station, near pillar no.478, Delhi.
Ph Nos: 8448029238, 8595917325.
Email: mkmachinery8860@gmail.com
(10:00 am to 6:00 pm)

MK machinery

That’s it readers !! Paper plates Details about the business opportunity. Let us know your thoughts on this article in the comments.

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