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How to start computer embroidery center business. business ideas for womens in india

Small Business Ideas for Women: Hi friends! In this video, we will learn about computer embroidery business, types of computer embroidery machines, their functionality and their prices. Going into the topic,

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Embroidery is the beautiful decoration of a needle with cloth, other material, or yarn. Embroidery is a beautiful art, just like any other art. The pearls, beads, quails, and sequins can also be made into beautiful designs. This includes various sewing techniques. They are Chain Stitch, Buttonhole, Blanket Stitch, Running Stitch, Satin, Cross Stitch.

Embroidery designs were previously worn over hats, dresses, blankets, shirts, socks, jackets and Punjabi dresses. Embroidery design with hands-on saris is more expensive and more expensive because it was worn by only the wealthy in the past. With the development of technology, it is now possible to embroidery with the help of the most advanced machine tools. Low-cost machines that embroider the saree in one hour and half an hour are also made available by a high-cost machine that does full embroidery designs in just over half an hour on a 5.5-meter saree. All kinds of stitching can be done with these machines. Young people with creativity can start a computer embroidery center and become self-employed.

Now let’s see what the performance of the machine looks like:
                        The operation of these computer embroidery machines is almost the same. But when it comes to performance and design, there are changes. First, we need to set the dress on the frame of the dress we want to design. In particular, the company should add a Pendrive with the designs given to them later on. From that, the customer has to set the design of the machine to the size and color of the machine. Depending on the design we set for the machine, the color threads should be fitted to the machine. If the design is threaded in the middle the machine stops. So there will be no tension. Pressing the start button of the machine completes the design given to us in a reasonable time. This is a very easy process. Anyone can operate it as Easy. Which machine you buy depends on the customer orders you have. The vendors of this machine will give you full training on how to make designs on dresses by this machine. And the latest embroidery designs are offered to you by the company through the mobile app. So friends! Find a company that is good at service and buy a machine.

Now let’s learn about marketing & revenue:
So you can start a computer embroidery center and create beautiful embroidery sarees with beautiful designs on different types of fabrics that you have purchased. You can also earn designs on blouse, Punjabi dress, sarvani, caps, T-shirts etc. Depending on the design and the customer, the revenue and expenses will vary. For example, there is a charge of Rs 300 to Rs 500 for embroidery design on a blouse. About 30% to 40% profit margin. Further, customers can make sales through clothing stores. Similarly, they can also charge for embroidery services by offering a selection of designs that they have chosen on textile store-sponsored fabrics. The embroidery mission is to make 50% of the time to make their own products and to make the most of the rest of the time by using the service method is a good autonomy.
Banks do not approve loans to all businesses as common. Loans are given to businesses or industries taking into account certain aspects. But if you try, there are plenty of loans for this computer embroidery center. If you contact the District Industries Center near you, you will be informed about the state and central government schemes and the subsidies available.

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