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How to start a industry in village in india. How to start banana fibre industry in india

New Village industry ideas in india:: Here Banana fibre industry full plan explained below.

 Hi friends !! In this artcle we will learn about the modern innovative housing industry that can be started at home in the villages with low investment.


Everyone knows about the banana tree. We call it a banana tree but in reality it is not a tree. Banana tree stems do not form like other tree stems. Banana leaves are layered and stem shaped. So it is possible to separate the stem into layers. Since these layers contain fiber or fiber, they have the power to carry the weight of a banana. After the bananas are harvested, the banana tree is cut down and left in vain. Linen is made from banana stems and is used to make cups, plates and boards. There are many benefits to using linen. Banana is also used in the manufacture of textiles including handmade tissue paper, lamp presses, decoration paper, nursery pouches, carry bags, door mats, carpets, ropes, art paper, kraft paper, bond papers, pen stands, table decorations, lamp shades.

It is estimated that one hundred crore banana bunches are wasted in the country every year without linen. It is estimated that 8 crore banana bunches are being wasted in Telugu states. Banana yields throughout the year so it is possible to make banana products in all seasons. The Philippines is a leader in banana flax exports. Banana fiber is widely used in Japan, Australia, European countries, America and other countries. So, there are a lot of opportunities for banana flax exports.

Apart from this, processing the banana husks will solve the worst problem and will also provide additional income to the banana farmers.

Bunches should be collected after cutting the mature gills. Quality linen comes from a strong, sturdy tree. The flax of banana trees is strong with low chemical fertilizers or stretch in nature cultivation method. Flax can be extracted at the rate of 150 grams from any type of banana bunch. Curry comes from banana and nectar trees up to 200 grams. Bananas should be lined with linen and dried in the shade on the same day. If delayed the linen will change color and the quality will decrease.
 Without the help of a machine a man can extract up to half a kg of fibrous fiber per day from these bunches. Four people can extract 12 to 15 kg of quality fiber a day through a banana fiber extraction machine. The cost of this machine is around Rs. Starting from 55 thousand. There are up to 1200 banana trees per acre. At least 150 kg of quality banana fiber can be extracted from these. Manufacturers of handicraft paper make ordinary banana fiber at around Rs. Buying for 200. If the fiber is finely chopped, processed without husk and sold at Rs. Priced from 300 to 400. This means that if four people take 15 kg of fiber per day, they will get 375 kg of quality fiber for 25 days in a month. Priced at Rs 375X300, Ammina earns Rs 1,12,500 / – per month. 10,000 / – = 40,000 / – as salary for 4 workers, purchase of banana bunches, transport, other expenses = 22,500 / -, you will have an income of Rs. 50,000.

Manufacture of handmade tissue paper, lamp presses, decoration paper, nursery pouches, carry bags, door mats, carpets, ropes, art paper, kraft paper, bond papers, pen stands, table decorations, lamp shades in your nearby cities and towns. Products makers, Dwakra communities and the handicraft industry need to market this linen.
Manufacture of plates and cups
 Also making plates and cups with banana buns
 And can also be profiteering. First the fresh or green banana stalks are peeled and dried in the sun for a week or ten days. These dried layers can be stored for over a year. These layers should be cut into small pieces and made into cups of different sizes, cups suitable for drinking coffee or tea, meal, tiffins plates with a machine with dial, plate dial. These cups and plates can be used as displacement cups as an alternative to plastic, paper plates and cups. The use of banana based tea cups and plates does not cause any environmental harm. Used cups quickly sink together in the ground. Pouring hot liquids into plastic cups can cause illness. But with banana tea cups there is no such problem. Those who already manufacture paper plates and thermocol plates can make these banana plates with the machines used for them.

A source of income for farmers and rural youth. Banana cultivation in Telugu states There are about 86,500 hectares in Andhra Pradesh and 2,100 hectares in Telangana. In Andhra Pradesh, banana is grown mainly in East and West Godavari districts, Vijayanagaram, Guntur, Kadapa and Kurnool districts. Similarly, bananas are cultivated in Khammam, Warangal and Medak districts of Telangana. Farmers and rural youth of the respective districts can earn income by starting tea / coffee cup manufacturing industries with banana stem layer.

Necessary machine tools
To pick up banana linen
1. Need banana fiber extraction machine. Its price is around Rs. Starting from 55 thousand.
2. Banana plates making machine needed to make 2. Banana plates making. Prices start at around Rs 25,000 (single die).

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