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How to start Biomass Pellets Manufacturing Industry in india | Village business ideas

Small scale industry ideas in india::
Hi friends !. In this article we will learn about the newest good profitable cottage industry that can start with low investment. If going into the topic

Currently the price of gas is skyrocketing. Cooking sugar cane prices the same way. For hostels, hotels, bakeries and other food vendors, the cost of fuel for cooking becomes a daily burden. The solution to this problem is the recently available Biomass Pellets. Biomass Pellets Biomass Pellets are small pencil-like pellets made from sawdust, corn and peanut waste. Biomass pellets are used as an alternative to LPG gas key and firewood. Biomass Pellets are half the price compared to them. Moreover these are available. No harmful smoke. The walls are black soot free. Biomass stoves are specialized for using Biomass Pellets. These stoves are available in the market in various sizes, priced from Rs 3,000 to Rs 50,000. Due to their low cost compared to gas, they are widely used in Dabalu, Ashram malls, hostels and hotels that offer free meals.

So you can start this Biomass Pellets industry as a cottage industry in your own villages and earn good income. This is the best self-employment opportunity that can be started in villages.

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“Now let us know what are the raw materials required for making Biomass Pellets.
Waste from the agricultural sector is the raw material for this industry. The main raw materials used in the industry are cotton stalks, sorghum husks, groundnut husks, saw husks and maize husks, especially after harvest. Still need packing bags.

Next we will find out what machines are needed to manufacture Biomass Pellets.
This industry needs two machines. One is the grinding machine. Prices start at Rs 36,000. Two Biomass Pellets making machine. Prices start at Rs 80,000. This machine can produce Biomass Pellets at 150 kg per hour. This machine works with single phase power supply. These machines vary in capacity depending on the capacity they produce per hour. There will be changes in prices as well.
All machines related to this business are available at and We have also given the links in this video description. Can see.

Now let’s learn about the manufacture of these biomass pellets!
First collect the sawdust and sawdust and dry them with the help of a grinding machine. Instead of peanut husks, cotton stalks, sorghum husks and maize husks can also be used. Then apply the powder on a Biomass Pellets making machine. Pellets come out like tiny little pencils through that dry Biomass Pellets making machine. Biomass Pellets prepared in this way should be packed in 50, 75 kg and transported to the market.
Now let’s watch this video of making Biomass Pellets.
The sellers of machines will give you training on how to make these Biomass Pellets.

“Now let’s find out the details of investment, income & expenses.”
Starting this business as a cottage industry would require an investment of around Rs 1 lakh 50 thousand for raw materials and machinery all together. Requires a minimum of two work labor.

The wholesale price of pellets in the market is Rs. Is 18. Biomass Pellets making machine can produce Biomass Pellets at 150 kg per hour. If 500 kg Biomass Pellets are manufactured and sold for Rs.500×18 = 9000 / – per day, (25×9000 / – = 25×9000 / – for 25 working days per month) Rs.225,000 / – per month. After deducting Rs. 1,25,000 / – for other expenses like raw materials cost, two work labor salaries, electricity bill, you will be left with a profit of Rs 1 lakh per month.

All of these income and expenses depend on the selling price of Biomass Pellets, the salaries of the work workers, the electricity bill, transportation costs and your local conditions. There may be changes.

Now let’s learn about marketing.
present LPG Commercial 19kgs gas cylinder price is around Rs.1300 / -. That means the price of a kg of gas will be around Rs. 68 / -. Biomass Pellets Price Rs.18 / -. Compared to LPG Gas (68-18 =) there is a surplus of Rs.50 / -. So comparison has to be explained to food manufacturing businesses like hotels, hostels, bakeries, dabalu and these Biomass Pellets have to be marketed. Let them know that their use is good for the environment but not harmful. Also, if you supply the stoves you want to use these Biomass Pellets to them at a good price, you will have the opportunity to grow more business.
Before starting this business, our request is that you can study more about Biomass Pellets in the market and other things.

“Let’s find out what government permissions are required for this industry and the subsidy schemes.”
If we start manufacturing these Biomass Pellets as a cottage industry and a small scale industry,
Must register under MSME udyog aadhar scheme.
Local authorities permission must be taken.
Trade license permission must also be obtained.

We have subsidy schemes
1) 90% loan and 15 to 35% subsidy can also be availed through the Prime Minister’s Employment Creation Scheme.
2) Technology and quality upgradation support for MSME members.
3) Credit linked capital subsidy scheme for technology upgradation (CLCSS).

Thus we have subsidy schemes available.
Contact your nearest District Industries Center, the District Industries Center, about these schemes and more subsidy schemes. If you type “District Industries Center” in a Google search, the District Industries Center location in your district will show up.

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