Cement bricks making machine suppliers

Cement bricks making machine is needed to start the cement bricks making industry. This machine is available for 55,000. Also a pan mixing machine is required to mix the raw materials. Prices for this machine range from Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 / -. In addition to these prices there are transport and gst costs. All these machines work with single-phase current. This machine can produce about 350 to 450 cement bricks per hour.

All these machines are available at CB enterprises in Bilwara, Rajasthan at very affordable prices. This company is giving a 3years warranty.

For inquiries about these machines, call the phone numbers below and find out the full details. How should the company operate this machine too? How to mix raw materials? Training is given on things like.

M / s CB Enterprises,
Contact: 8875805205, 9828553078,
9649272747, 9649405205.

cement bricks making

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