plain pop sockets and heat press machines suppliers of customize pop socket business

 Raw Materials & machines of customizing pop socket business

1. Heat press machine (15×15 size machine is suitable for us. Its price starts from 11 thousand rupees.

2. Sublimation papers. Prices start from Rs 220 per A4 size, 100 paper packet.

3. Sublimation printer. epson company printer starting from Rs 6800.

4. Black & White Sublimation pop sockets. These are available for between Rs 15 and Rs 20 when purchased wholesale. Buy these 50, 100 or more in the quantity you want.

5. Epoxy laminating resin & Epoxy laminating hardner. Prices start from Rs 300 per liter.

6. Sublimation tapes. The price of each tape is 75 rupees. If these are four, five will suffice.

7. Desktop or laptop is required. We use them if we have them in our house. Otherwise buy an old desktop or laptop for less.

Note: Prices change from time to time.

So to buy what is not given will require an investment of about 25 thousand rupees. You can buy a machine depending on your sales and financial capacity. A single phase power supply is sufficient for all these machines. All the raw materials and machines related to this business are available at We have given the raw materials and machines supplier links in the link below. See.

Heat press machine:

Plain Pop Sockets:

It can also be printed on mugs, t-shirts, plates, mobile back covers with this Heat press machine, Sublimation printer, Sublimation papers. You can also earn income through them.

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