New Stockist business opportunity from Milan Ayur Naturals

Nowadays the use and demand of organic/natural products plant is increasing day by day. Due to these we can protect ourselves from many types of diseases and health problems.
So, Milan Ayur Naturals is a leading manufacturing company that manufactures chemical free, natural homecare and natural cosmetic products in this category that do not cause any harm to children, adults and the environment.

This company supplies natural homecare and natural cosmetic products to the market under Exol & My Ayur brand names.
This company has natural home care products that are free of chemicals and have products like 1. Dish wash gel, 2. Floor cleaner, 3. Liquid detergent, 4. Fabric conditioner, 5. Fabric plain remover 6. Toilet & bathroom cleaner.



Also Ayurvedic cosmetic products include products like 1. Hair shampoo, 2. Hair wash liquid, 3. Hair oil, 4. Skin care lotion, 5. Face & body wash liquid, 6. Face cream.
For the products available from them, the company has obtained all kinds of approvals and licenses from the concerned departments and the government.

This Milan Ayur Naturals company is looking for super stockists and distributors at district level for their natural homecare and natural cosmetic products in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The company hopes that interested aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to utilize this opportunity. The company says that you can get a guaranteed income of Rs.50 thousand to Rs.1 lakh per month just by delivering stock.
Only one super stockist per district is allowed. After one has an agreement, the other has no chance. The company says that priority will be given to those who come first. Milan Ayur Naturals Company has its own manufacturing unit.



Marketing is also done by their own marketing team. The super stockist of their company at the district level is given orders from the company without any marketing problem. The point of super stockists is that they only give delivery and take billing.
It is stated that by taking the point of super stockist at the district level and delivering the stock only to distributors, wholesale shops, supermarkets and departmental stores, they can get a good income per month.

The investment for this super stockist point is 3 lakh rupees. The company will give you enough of their products for that amount.
For this super stockist point, those above 25 years of age with minimum education, can read and write English, are new business venturers/ those in business sector, housewives/ private employees/ those with debenture/ those trying to earn other income can take district level super stockist point. . Also this super stockist point should be in district center or town. A shop should have a godown of 150 to 200 feet. Must have any firm name/shop name.. Must have labor license in the local municipality. Adequate investment should be made for material dumping.
As for the support provided by the company,

Sales marketing support, salary and allowance for marketing staff, advertisements and promotions, business development, distributors & wholesalers network, the company gives adequate support to do business from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs per month.
As far as the profit margin is concerned, 20% margin is given by the company for just delivery and business maintenance at the district level and the company gives business orders of Rs.5 lakh to Rs.10 lakh per month.


Salary and Allowance to Marketing Manager are also given by the company. The company says that the monthly income will be from Rs.50 thousand to Rs.1 lakh, excluding all other expenses such as shop maintenance, local delivery expenses.

If you have any queries regarding the super stockiest opportunity details of this Milan Ayur Naturals company, contact the company. Those who are interested in this business, discuss everything with the company, examine everything and take a decision.

Contact the Milan Ayur Naturals company through their phone numbers as shown below. Contact via whatsapp if the phone number is call waiting or busy.

M/s Milan Ayur Naturals
Phone number: 9441800548, 9121283360.
Address: 402 C/D3, 4th floor, Mustafa Towers, Lakdikapool, Hyderabad- 500 004

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  • November 20, 2022 at 1:58 pm

    I inrested to franchies at siddipet distric -502103

    • December 23, 2022 at 6:51 pm

      Milan Ayur Naturals
      Phone number: 9441800548, 9121283360.
      Address: 402 C/D3, 4th floor, Mustafa Towers, Lakdikapool, Hyderabad- 500 004

    • May 9, 2023 at 3:45 pm

      Stock point


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