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Earn Rs. 50000/- per month with an investment of just Rs. 800/- | Profitable small business ideas

 Hi friends! In this article, we will learn about a business idea that earns 30 thousand to 50 thousand per month with an investment of just 800 rupees. Watch this video in its entirety and comment that if you like the video it is good, if you are already doing this business let us know your experiences in the comments.
Much good is happening in our country. Festivals are even more so. Our country is home to people of different religions. Each religion has its own set of traditions, festivals, and good deeds. It is also customary to decorate the house, shop, office, stage, function hall, industry, and other places for festivals and festivities. Many businesses such as flower decoration and cloth decoration have sprung up using this decoration as a means of employment.

Innovative ideas for such businesses can lead to self-employment as an investment in intelligence. This is the business of balloon decoration business. This business! A profitable business that can be done with very little investment.
Items required for this business:
Electric air pump. It is also known as air inflator, electric balloon pump. Prices for these pumps start from Rs 800. Prices vary depending on the features, the company, and the capacity. These pumps are available in online stores like amzon and flipkart. Also need baloons, threads, scissors. quanity is required depending on the decoration.

Now let’s see how to use this Electric air pump. This electric air pump is very easy to operate. This air pump must be powered on and turned on. Then attach the balloon to the nozzle and press down on the balloon as shown in this video. As soon as it is pressed, air comes out of the nozzle and goes into the balloon. Fill with enough air, add the knot and set aside. In order to work quickly two nozzles must inflate both balloons at once. Thus the inflatable balloons have to be decorated with our creativity in a variety of combinations and designs to suit the customer’s choice. There are a lot of videos related to balloon decoration ideas on youtube. You can learn some of them and start this business. You could start your own home-based business tomorrow with very little start up cost. You can open any shop or office if you can invest. Mostly this balloon decoration is done for birthday functions, engagement, marriages, half saree functions, mehandi, gruha pravesalu, anniversaries, cradle ceremony, kitti parties, receptions, shops openings, corporate events.

This business is highly dependent on creativity. Balloon decoration prices range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 1 lakh depending on the design. Labor, raw matrials costs will be 50 to 55% profit margin. That means a decoration of one lakh rupees will result in a profit of about 50 thousand to 55 thousand rupees.

Getting orders from these business customers is a difficult task. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Once the work order arrives, the next business comes through references. So tie up with people like Samiana, Printing Shops, Flex Printing Shops, Event Management. Also get promoted on online platforms like Facebook, whatsapp, youtube. Still need to develop the business through other promotional means. Currently, many customers prefer balloon decoration as it is cheaper than flower decoration and is very new.

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