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New wholesale coffee powder business opportunity with small investment

For those who want to start a business without any shops or huge investments, we are now going to inform about a new wholesale business opportunity that can be done from home with very little investment. You can start this business from an investment of Rs 10,000/- in any budget.

Going into details, we all know about coffee powder. Coffee powder is used in every household. But if you know about the income in this coffee powder business, you will be shocked. Because unlike any other business, this coffee powder business has more than 50% profit margin.



Many people have a feeling of being in heaven if they drink hot steaming coffee in the morning. The whole body becomes active when smelling the smell of spicy coffee. Some people have a cup of coffee in hand before going to bed. Others make five or six cups of coffee. Coffee works like a tonic for a tired body. So due to the popularity of coffee in the market, the demand for coffee powder is increasing day by day but not decreasing.

If you start this coffee powder business with a little investment and a little time, you can earn millions in income within a very short period of time.

It is very good but.. who supplies coffee powder at such low prices? What are the prices of coffee powder? What are the Profits like? To whom should this coffee powder be sold? Isn’t it? Your doubts? Now let’s know those things.

JBS COFFEE INDUSTRIES, a leading coffee powder manufacturing company in India, supplies you this coffee powder in bulk. This company manufactures three types of coffee powder namely NICE, Filter and Instant. Instant coffee powder of this company has been brought in the market under the brand name “Village instant coffee”.


Their coffee powders have original fresh taste. If you want to test their coffee powder, you can first take sample coffee powders, test them, and only if you are satisfied, you can purchase coffee powders from them.

These companies supply you with all types of coffee powders either loose or in bulk. The price of 1kg of coffee powder starts from Rs.220/-. You can get margins of 80/- to 150 per kg on these coffee powders. The company says that the overall profit margin in this business is up to 50%.

If you order coffee powder, the company will parcel the stock to your area through transport like VRL, APSRTC, TSRTC.
New entrants into coffee powder business, those who want to set up a retail shop, already running a retail shop, women doing business from home and other traders can use this opportunity. You can start this business from an investment of Rs 10,000/- in any budget.


You can get income by buying this coffee powder in bulk from this company and selling it to tea shops, cafes, household buyers, wherever coffee powder is used.
Also contact JBS COFFEE INDUSTRIES for any details on this business.

M/s JBS Coffee Industries,
Address: 10-823, seshaperan street, Chittoor Andhra Pradesh-517001
Ph: +91 94401 69542, 9032353400.

That’s it readers! Details about Coffee powder wholesale business. Share your opinion on this article in the comments.

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