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Best Safewent Distributor business opportunities to Consider in india

A company called Safewent provides its services in India in the public safety segment. Accordingly, the ultimate personal safety product has been introduced in the market.
So looking for distributors to bring this product to everyone in Telugu states. It also shows a way to earn unexpected income for those who have taken distributorship.
This company has created the ultimate personal safety app called “Safewent” and provides various services to its clients. It will set up “QR CODE stickers” and provide them to the distributors to get those services.

First let’s know about the services provided by the company to the clients through this Safewent QR CODE sticker.
Through this Safewent app and QR CODE services like Accident Alert, Blood Bank, Parking Alerts, Group Tracking, Insurance, Documents Storage, Document Reminders, FastTag Recharge are provided to the public in a very small amount with lifetime validity. This company has got all kinds of approvals from all the departments of Central Govt.
This Safewent QR CODE should be affixed to any vehicle like two wheeler, three wheeler, four wheeler and heavy vehicles. Attach the QR code to the Safewent mobile app and add all the personal details. If any road accident happens to the vehicle with that QR code, the QR code of that vehicle is enough to be scanned by those who are on the spot and those who have installed the Safewent mobile app, immediately a message will be sent to the family members of the person who has an accident that there has been an accident. Or if those who are in the accident spot do not have the Safewent app, they just need to call the toll free number above the QR code and say the vehicle number, and a message will be sent to their family members that there has been an accident.


When we travel on the road we see many road accidents. But when the accident victim has no serious injuries, the sooner he is admitted to the hospital, the more chances of saving life or limb. These are called golden hours.
Also, due to the non-availability of the family members of the accident victim at the time of the accident, there are also chances of delay in the treatment of the person.
So as a solution to all these, this QR code sticker is very useful for those who are at risk.
Also, through this app, if the person who is in danger needs blood, the users within 10 km radius of the hospital will identify the blood donors.

Also, through this QR code, the numbers you have added in Accidental Alert & Parking like wrong parking, blocking the road, lost are abandoned, hit and run, Not locked, tow alert, Fire and other threats, accident alert (informs victims family) Notifications & messages will come.
Also this app has a special feature called group tracking. The use of this feature is that you can track the real-time location of your family and friends in your private group. Also you will get alerts when you arrive or leave any particular location.


So currently, Safewent Company offers distributorships in both the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. No shop is required for this distributorship, one can start from home.
There are three level investments in this distributorship business opportunity.
1) INVESTMENT comes at MANDAL LEVEL and starts from 1 LAKH rupees. 3 LAKHS worth of products will be provided to those who have taken MANDAL LEVEL distributorship.
2) INVESTMENT comes at CONSTITUENCY LEVEL and starts from 3 LAKH rupees. Products worth 10 LAKHS rupees will be provided to those who have taken CONSTITUENCY LEVEL distributorship.
3) DISTRICT LEVEL INVESTMENT will come and start from 10 LAKH rupees. 30 LAKHS worth of products will be provided to those who have taken DISTRICT LEVEL distributorship.
There is income by selling the QR code stickers provided by the company to all types of vehicle owners. Customer price of one QR code sticker is MRP 999/-. The price offered by the company to distributors is 299/-. That means you have up to 70% profit margin i.e. 700/- on one QR sticker.
299/- company provides QR code with life time validity. This amount is being charged for Maintenance, Manufacturing and Spreading. These QR code stickers can be sold by vehicle sellers, RTA agents, tire shops, spares shops, vehicle repair workshops etc.


Moreover, if you pay a salary of 20,000/- per month and employ 5 salespersons, if one salesperson sells 5 QR code stickers per day, 150 per month, then the profit margin of 5,25,000/- rupees will come on 5 salespersons. 1,00,000/- deducted from that for salary (5×20000=100000), you will have an income of Rs.4,25,000/- per month. 51,00,000/- per annum income. The company says that if you recruit more salespersons, you can earn up to one crore rupees per year.

Also the company provides you complete knowledge on this SAFEWENT QR code stickers. 24/7 technical team availability and provide 24/7 customer care service. Also, the company always gives all kinds of advice and suggestions to those who get distributorship, which is required to do business.

Phone numbers: 8902983066, 9569332211.

That’s it readers! Details about the business opportunity of SAFEWENT company. Share your opinion on this article in the comments.

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