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Vegam App Online food Ordering Services Franchise Opportunity in India

Online food Ordering Services Franchise Opportunity:

A new company in the market offers a trending business opportunity to those who want to start their own business with an investment of just 1999/- rupees. This business does not require any shops, big offices and huge investments. Also, the company says that you can earn a monthly income of 50 thousand to 60 thousand rupees, staying in your area.

If we go into the details, the culture of online orders, online booking, home delivery has increased greatly since the last corona situation. Today, everyone is ordering food and groceries online and getting home delivery. The proof of this is that the orders of online order & delivery platforms like zomato, swiggy, amazon pantry, big basket, filpkart grocery have increased exponentially since last three years. Online orders will be more in the coming days as well.



The reason.. Today, due to the increase in all kinds of fees and household expenses, due to husband and wife devoting more time to earning, corona situation, work from home jobs, various offers, increase in petrol prices, people are ordering food and grocery online. . Home delivery is given more preference. Moreover, they are making sure that all kinds of services come to their homes through an app on their smartphone, for example taxi cab, auto, bike booking.
So in this demand and trending in this field of online orders & delivery.. the popular app “VEGAM APP” which started in this category and is running successfully by getting the support of customers in no time.

VEGAM APP is an online food, grocery order & delivery, cab booking app. VEGAM APP is developed and services provided by Flying Fish Innovations Pvt Ltd.
This Vegam app can be used especially for food, grocery delivery, rides, car booking etc. Through this app you can order many types of items like food items, vegetables, other food items, bakery items of hotels, food courts, cloud kitchens, restaurants etc.



This vegam app has international standard features. This app has many features like multi services booking, card, wallet, cash payment options, tracking the order or cab.
Currently, this company offers a business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in doing business in the field of Food and grocery orders & delivery in both the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

That is, for VEGAM APP, you can pay a monthly subscription fee of 1999/- rupees and start a business in your area. Introduce VEGAM APP to the public in your area and you can earn income through their online orders.
The company informs that this is a best business opportunity for those who are trending and looking for low competition, low investment and sustainable business. Also, the company says that you can earn a monthly income of 50 thousand to 60 thousand rupees, staying in your area.


Today, internet is available in every city and town and the smartphone is in everyone’s hands, so online orders are increasing day by day. So by promoting this VEGAM APP in your area, there is a possibility that the popularity of online food, grocery delivery, rides, car booking services will increase day by day.

For VEGAM APP, you only need to pay Rs.1999/- monthly to the company. And there will be no other fees. That means you don’t have to pay any royalty or commission to the company on sales and orders in your area. All the revenue in that area belongs to the subscription takers.

The vegam App is a one stop shop for all your needs. With one click you can book a ride, order food, and get delivered. Download vegam now and save yourself some time.

Also, the company will give the required delivery partner app, seller app login authorization to those who take this VEGAM APP subscription.

If you have any queries regarding this VEGAM franchise details,


Phone: 8142506101, 9989269875.

That’s it readers! Details about VEGAM franchise business. Share your opinion on this article in the comments.

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