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Nature Immune Organic Store Franchise: A Lucrative Franchise Business Opportunity in India’s Growing Health Market

Nature Immune organic store franchise business opportunity in India:

In this article, a leading company is offering franchise business opportunities in minimum budget, mandal wise in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.

This company has super products related to the health sector which are in high demand and trending in the market.
So that company, which company? What products are they? How Much Does a Franchise Store Cost? Do you have many doubts!..

About Company and Products:

If we go into the details, nowadays the name organic is heard whenever we inquire about any products from food to skin care. Health conscious people are showing more interest in organic foods. That’s why organic foods have become so popular. Nutritionists and doctors also suggest consuming organic foods. Hence the demand for these has increased in the market.

Organic foods are foods grown without the use of any synthetic chemicals, harmful pesticides, other petroleum based fertilizers and bioengineered foods.
So Ayus Mauyar Private Limited, a leading company in the organic food products sector, has introduced 50 types of organic food products in the market under the brand name nature IMMUNE.
Moreover, organic stores under the name nature IMMUNE are also being set up in our Telugu states. This nature IMMUNE in their Organic Store has pure Black Rice, Navara Rice, Brown Rice, RNR Special Rice Sajjalu, Ragulu, Koraalu, Andu Korallu, Samallu, Arikelu, Udhulu, Pachi Karam, Masala cultivated with organic fertilizers and traditional farming methods without any chemicals. There are 50 types of organic food products like Karam and Brown Sugar.

Nature Immune Organic Store Franchise


Also, donkey milk collected from the donkeys reared under the care of this company is also available in nature IMMUNE’s organic stores, which increases the immune system. There are also many other health based products available in these stores like wheat grass juice and millet malt.
These products can protect us from many types of diseases and health problems.

nature IMMUNE franchise opportunity:

Present This company is offering franchise business opportunities at mandal level in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states for nature IMMUNE Organic Store.


Nature Immune Organic Store Franchise

Investment and Profit Margins of nature IMMUNE franchise:

nature IMMUNE to take their Organic Store Franchise minimum Rs. An investment of up to 5 lakhs will be required. This amount has to be paid to the company. 3 lakh rupees in this amount is franchise fee. For this, the company provides all the equipments like a refrigerator, cooking vessels, lighting board, lollipop board. For the remaining two lakh rupees, stock will be given..that is, all kinds of nature IMMUNE organic products required by the store will be given. Besides, the company also does all kinds of marketing promotions and advertisements related to the business. The company will also provide the GST certificate and food license (FSSAI License) required for the store.

Nature Immune Organic Store Franchise


Coming to the details of income, the income is between one lakh rupees to two lakh rupees per month. The company says that there is a profit margin of 20% to 25% on the products of this company.
Also, those who have taken this franchise should have a minimum shop of 200 to 300 feet to set up a store.

So, the company hopes that interested aspiring businessmen will be able to utilize this opportunity. So if you need any details about this franchise opportunity contact the company through phone number.

nature IMMUNE
(Powered by: Ayus Mauyar Private Limited)
Phone number: 99833 82230.

That’s it readers! Nature IMMUNE details about their Organic Store franchise business opportunity. Share your opinion on this article in the comments.

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