How to get ITC distributorship?

ITC FMCG products distributorship is the best choice for those who want to do fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) distribution business.

There are many types of ITC company products in the market. FMCG products are one of them and there are about 200 types of FMCG products. Like the groceries we use daily like Ashirvad, sunfeast, bingo, mangaldeep, and personal care products .. savlon, shower to shower, fiama etc. There are over 200 products. This company distributes products belonging to many categories.

First you need to apply for ITC distributorship (distribution) by calling 033-22889371 or contact form at, link Will be. If you fill it out, the executive on behalf of the company will call you. You may receive a call within 1 week to 15 days or earlier.

The company will look at your marketing skills, competence, and affordability. Do you own vehicles to distribute the products and godowns to store the products? Or lease/rent after distribution.


If the company satisfies the information you provide, you will be attached to the company’s area sales manager in the area you want. If there is no other distributor in the area where you are asking for distribution, you will be given ITC distributorship. If they have already received distributorship in advance, you will have to wait. If your area sales manager is vacant elsewhere or someone is not able to distribute the products properly, you will be given the opportunity at that location. So ITC distributorship opportunity depends entirely on the company their choice.

If you want to take this ITC distributorship in villages i.e. around Rs 5 lakh investment, as well as take it in cities, you will need to invest Rs 10 lakh. Also, investment in metro cities like Hyderabad and Vizag is even higher.

You need a godown and office area to take a distribution, the space required for the godown depends on your territory. Depending on the distribution area you take, approximately 400 sq.ft to 2000sq.ft, a godown is required for product storage.

ITC FMCG Products

If you want an office area, you can prepare it as a small office in godown. The company will give you complete information about the business, to do this business you will need to hire two employees at the start, one to look after the stock maintenance in the godown and the other a vehicle driver to supply the material to the shops.

For Distributorship takers, the company supports additional retail margins, exclusive consumer offers, free brand singage, etc. The company marketing team will assist you in offline and online marketing.

The employee who works in your godown will have to pay the employee’s salary, electricity bills, shop rentals etc. from the income generated by the product margins.

For more information on this ITC distributorship business call 033-22889371 or visit the website

ITC portal

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