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Kapsol engine oil distributorship opportunity in India:

Nowadays it takes a lakh of rupees to start a small buddy but with an investment of just 60000/- rupees a leading company offers you a business opportunity. Also, this is a business opportunity that is useful for those who are doing any job, do not have enough salary, and are unable to cope with the rising house expenses and the prices of daily necessities.

Introduction about company and Business Opportunity:
Today it is common to have two wheeler vehicle or four wheeler vehicle in every house you see. Just as a bike or a car needs fuel like petrol or diesel to run, the vehicle needs engine oil to run properly. Vehicle engine oil has a very good demand in the market.

So in such demanding engine oil business sector, a company called Mabin Lubricants successfully launched Engine Oil under the brand name “KAPSOL” in two Telugu states.
This company has come up with a new distribution pattern after taking a thorough look at the shortcomings in the business distribution structure, where there are many competitors in this business.


Kapsol distributionship business opportunity


Mandal Distribution Opportunity:

Generally, in other companies, only one marketing agent is given to the district and he does the sales and collection, so the field runs on credit based system, so he cannot go to shops with credit repeatedly.
Moreover, if he quits his job in the middle, the district distributor does not know the shops with credit. So the supply flow will be affected for many days. Keeping these problems in mind, Mandal Distribution system has been brought under the District Distributor and for that, you are being given an opportunity to get a good income.

So for the aspiring entrepreneurs who want to do business in the automobile sector, they are offering distributorships for their company’s KAPSOL Engine oil products in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states, mandal wise.

Investment of Mandal Distributorship:

60,000/- as an investment of Rs.60,000/- to take Mandal Distribution. With this you procure stock and it includes a refundable security deposit of 50,000/-. If you don’t want Mandal Distributorship, 50,000/- will be refunded.


Kapsol distributorship business opportunity


Profit Margin of Mandal distributorship:

When it comes to Mandal distributor profit margin, Mandal Distributor has a margin of 40/- rupees on each engine oil bottle. Each Mandal has about 15 villages. There are more than 20 Mechanics + Automobile Shops in 15 villages.

Even if only 10 shops agree to sell our product, even if each shop sells one bottle per day in those ten shops, (10mechanics x1Bottlex 30days =300) 300bottles will be sold per month. 12,000/- per month can be earned.
The mandal distributor moves the stock from the company to the shops and collects the amount from them. He will be near, so there will be no problem in collection. So money does not stop.

It has nothing to do with education. 5ft x 4ft size commercial space is enough to keep stock. The company says that it is a good business opportunity for those who want to get a passive income source, just transfer the stock from the company to the shops and collect the amount from them.

This job is not related to education background. No need to have experience, no need to have a big space. In very little space to keep stock, stock can be stored and sold. The company says that it is a good opportunity for those who want a passive income source.

Still many District Distributors and Mandal Distributors have become partners in this organization. Also, after marketing has been done vigorously in the respective districts, now the product has been launched in the respective districts. In many more districts and mandals, marketing has reached its final stage.

Due to the good incentives given to Automobile & Mechanics, many mechanics and automobile shops have enthusiastically come forward to sell this product. So those who are interested should immediately avail this opportunity and become partners in this organization.
Also Marketing job opportunities are being provided everywhere for KAPSOL Brand promotion.
So contact the company for distribution and marketing opportunities.

M/s Mabin Lubricants Private Limited,
Address: Above Harika Fashions, Opposite Alapati Ramaiah Park, Lane 3, Koretipadu, Guntur- 522007.
Phone: +91 94296 92399, 9403891443

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