Most successful business story of manginapalli yadagiri

A man could not bear the financial difficulties .. He landed in Hyderabad to achieve something. Climbed scrap papers to breathe. He climbed step by step. Over the years it has grown to the level of being traded in crores. You should be shocked to hear his success story .. Who is that entrepreneur? In what business are you getting quotes? In this article we will learn about such things.

Going into further details, his name is Manginipalli Yadagiri. Educated tenth grade. Born into a poor family, Dabbuleka’s father was in trouble and his family was financially backward. However, he came to Hyderabad with the desire to bring his other two younger brothers to a better education and bring them to a higher level. Began to pick up trash papers. From there he turned his head. How do you think it is but listen to his words ..


Manginapalli Yadagiri

Madi Medak is a village in Kalvakuntla in Nizampet zone of the district. Parents Manginipalli Pochamma, Pochayya. I was the eldest of four siblings. Our father read everything, even without assets.

In those days, if there was any festival in our hometown, waste paper traders would come from Hyderabad. The money was well spent. Heavy donors. Seeing them I also wanted to go to Hyderabad and get into the worst business. I came to Hyderabad in 1996 without hearing my father say no. Start collecting garbage papers and books. Initially, the bloody gamba was turned on foot. He did business in Vidyanagar, Nallakunta and Shankaramatham areas. Even if the rupee accumulates rupee and buys an old bicycle a year later.

Own business .. Uncle and siblings who could not leave me .. All came to Hyderabad. I asked my father for five thousand to put in a small box. He did not give up. I came home angry. I slept in the sand for three days at the Ambedkar School in Chikkadpally. Seeing my suffering, my mother corrected my father. Somehow gave five thousand.


Scrap business


Even if a small bin is set up in Narayanaguda with that amount. Wandering the streets and starting to buy groceries from scrap paper and book collectors. After that he set up shop with another younger brother. For a few days my dad also started helping. By the time everything was looking good, all the people who sell us material had set up shops. Not sure what to do. Then came another idea. I rented a godown and started buying goods from the shopkeepers.

Cash and carry .. already in this business. .There are many. However, I said I would pay as soon as the goods were delivered. Until then there were no merchants given so. With this the business grew. Never looked back anymore. Today I have three large godowns in Amberpet. From them the goods go to all the paper mills in the country. Material comes to me from all districts across the state. I have 80 people employed. 5 crore transactions per month. There are seven vehicles. There are missionaries worth Rs.
The younger siblings are well read. A younger brother is a government employee. Another younger brother accompanies me in business. I have two children. Everything will be happily together. I used to want to go to Hyderabad .. Today I say ‘I feel proud to see you baby’. Happy to have grown from buying scrap papers and old books to the level of running such a big business.


Go to Ali Cafe in Amberpet and ask anyone and they will tell you my address. This recognition .. is the result of my hard work. Even in social service .. I want to help a lot of what I have earned. We did a lot of development work in our hometown school. While providing incentives for well-educated children. Although it was decided to extend this program to the entire zone. I am working with a charity for this. I donated Rs 10 lakh as my share to our hometown Shiva temple. I’m doing all that work myself, ”Yadigiri said in his success story.

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