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Most inspiring entrepreneurs story of sultanpur women

With the idea that came to a woman, she started a business with a small investment at home. Today that business employs over 300 people in that village? So who is the women entrepreneur? What business did she start? Let’s find out in this article.

Going into more details, wedding .. Seemantham fruit .. It is common in Telugu families to make pastries at any auspicious house like this. It is time to make big loans with the increased corporate culture .. The culture of ordering good deeds and making loans is growing due to lack of leisure. This was taken as an opportunity by the women of Peddapalli District Eligedu Zone Sultanapur. Quality loans are being turned into employment and financially viable.



About fifteen years ago a woman named Lakshmi from Sultanapur village formed a group of ten members as a leader and wanted to stay at home and do any small business. A member of the group had to make large sums of money for a wedding ceremony at home while thinking differently. With the help of the group members, everyone prepared the saree for the wedding together for fun. ‘We in Ulu have to do it with the help of others to make our own saree .. What is the situation of those in the city ..? How do they make a lot of appas ..? ’Struck Lakshmigari. Explains to group members why this should not be turned into employment. Familiar work, being low-investment means not everyone is OK.

No matter what the name of the group .. without the brand name of the quality of their group members, their relatives, friends were first made and placed on orders. So verbally liked quality and orders‌ increased. With orders coming in at over Rs 60 lakh a year, they have hired daily workers to help them bake bread, make flour, roll sakina and other tasks. Seeing this, six more communities were formed in the village. More than 300 people, including ten members of each group and 50 workers, flour mills, trolleys and lumberjacks who came to help them, are now employed in the village.

Chakralla sakinas with 32 rows, laddu, garija, jaggery ariselu, sesame laddu, murukulu, chegodilu, shells, khara, etc. are specialized in large quantities. Their debts are being supplied on orders to all the districts in the Telugu states as well as to countries like USA, England and Australia.


women entrepreneurs


“When I wanted to stay at home and do anything without being empty, I came up with the idea of ​​borrowing on order. Orders are increasing day by day especially taking orders from those who know without brand and giving on time with quality. We sent our two girls to America with the money that came from making loans. ” Said group leader Tanipathi Lakshmi.

“Instead of going to work in the sun .. I am holding on to the house and financially supporting the house. We are in a position to send children abroad for education. Looking at our group, another six groups were formed in the village. Up to 300 more are employed based on these. Their daily wage is just over Rs.500. We will share the orders with other groups if they get more, ”said Subhashini, a member of the group.


women entrepreneurs


“It simply came to our notice then. 32 rows of sakinam wrapped will cost Rs.20 each. Wages are above Rs.500 per day. Having fun working with everyone until dawn and reading well to our kids. The elderly also come and work and live on their own feet, ”said helper Rajeshwari.

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