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The inspiring story of young entrepreneur Chaiwali Priyanka Gupta

In this article, let’s find out the business story of a young woman who stands as an ideal for today’s youth.

Going into more detail, these days there are students who commit suicide in the blink of an eye because they did not get a seat in the intended college, failed an academic year, did not get a job. Some students are proving that they can go that route too.
Priyanka Gupta is the name of a young woman who belongs to this category. Priyanka is setting an example to many graduates by setting up her own tea stall without getting discouraged that the job she was hoping for did not come.

Considering her family background, Priyanka Gupta hails from a middle class family in Purnia district of Bihar.
She studied Commerce at Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth in Varanasi. Since completing her degree in 2019, she has been looking for a job in banking. After trying hard for two years, he could not become a bank employee.

With this, we will be ready for this for a long time. Is it just to make money doing a job or something else? She told her father the same thing and took permission to put on a tea stall. Patna Women’s College opens tea stall under the name ‘Chaiwali’. Launched on April 11, Chaiwali Stall impresses customers with its punch quotations.


Chaiwali Priyanka gupta


Priyanka is attracting customers to her stalls with quotes like ‘Peena Hai Padhega’, ‘Soch Mat .. Chalu Kar De Boss’. Kulda tea, masala tea, pan tea, chocolate tea as well as some types of cookies and snacks are being sold for Rs 15 to Rs 20 and students are flocking to Chaiwali.

Many lost their jobs after Kovid. What’s new? Priyanka faced a similar situation. Starting any business is better than wasting time looking for jobs.

After hearing about ‘MBA Chaiwala’ Praful Bhillore, Chaiwalis wondered why they should not. Arrived in Patna alone saying that he was going for bank exam training at home. Although learning about different types of teas on YouTube. For more experience and understanding go to the small teapots and take a look. Want to start on your own once you understand. The bank refused to be a local if it tried for a loan. Did not stop there. With the help of friends, I opened my dream shop, ”said Priyanka.


Chaiwaali Priyanka Gupta


When Priyanka wanted to put up a tease stall she tried for other types of loans besides the loan but could not find it. Although she turned around a few banks, no one came forward to lend her money. Although some people bother asking for various documents, the loan is not given. Eventually, with the help of some of her friends, she bought a few kits and started a stall.

What if the job does not come .. What if the banks do not give a loan .. Choose .. I will do this work .. started a tea stall today, standing on his own eyes, stands as an inspiration to many .. Priyanka Gupta ..


Priyanka Gupta Success Story is an inspiration to today’s youth. If you like this article, please comment in the comment section.

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