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How to start potato starch powder making business with low investment

In this article, let’s learn about a new business idea that brings good profit with regular usage in the processed food sector.

If we go into the details, the most used root worldwide is the vegetable potato. That is our potato. Our favorite aloo is eaten by everyone. Potato is used as the main ingredient in many processed foods. Also, industries that make bakery and processed foods purchase more. In that potato is mostly made into potato starch powder and is mostly used in the preparation of food products. There is a huge demand for this potato starch in the market. So let’s learn about potato starch powder making business in this article.



potato starch powder is used as a thickening agent, especially in the preparation of canned soups. Since potato starch is gluten free, it is also used as an alternative to wheat flour which we use regularly. It is especially used in baking recipes and frying recipes. Potato starch is used in the preparation of noodles, soups, sauces, as well as in the potato chips making process, and is also used in the preparation of bakery creams and to make many sauces thick. In the bakery sector, it is used as a raw material in the preparation of sponge cake, in the preparation of wine gums and in the preparation of bread.

Let’s see the details of raw material and machinery required for Potato Starch manufacturing business!

firstly when it comes to the raw material required for this business, good quality potatoes. You can purchase these from the farmers or you can also purchase them from the wholesale market near you. When it comes to the machinery required for this business, potato washer, potato peeler, rotary grater, potato pulp making machine, starch extraction machine and packaging machine, all these are available as a set as semi-automatic potato starch making machine on The set cost of these machines starts from Rs.9,50,000/-. There are ups and downs in prices depending on the features. If you start with manual machines, the cost of the machine will be reduced. Labor cost increases.



When it comes to the potato starch powder making process, first the potatoes are washed in a potato washer, then they are crushed with the help of a crushing machine, the semi-liquid mixture (slurry) obtained after crushing is subjected to a dehydration process, and then the potato starch is ready. This ready starch should be packed in 1, 5, 10 kg’s and sold.
Now let’s know the details of investment, income & expenses.

You have to start this business small i.e. take a 1000 sft shed for rent purpose and appoint three skilled workers. Potato starch making business can be started with 11 lakh rupees. Friends, to make 1 kg of good quality starch it costs around 30/- rupees including all expenses, it can be sold for 110 rupees in wholesale, and it can be sold for 300/- rupees in retail and online market. Even if you do a minimum production of 100 kg daily with the help of this machine, you will have a daily profit of around 7000/- rupees.



Now let’s talk about marketing.
This potato starch is purchased in large quantities by those who make instant soup powders, sauces and sponge cakes. Also hotels, restaurants, bakeries also purchase more. If you register in grocery sale apps like Bigbasket, Flipkart, Amazon, Jiomart, you will get orders from there too. If you register on, more orders will come from there. This potato starch is widely used in foreign countries, you can also export this product.

That’s it readers!! Details about Potato Starch making business. Let us know in the comments how you feel about this business.

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