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Eshkha Marble sheets and 3d foam sheets dealership business opportunity in india.

Nowadays, houses, shops, offices, restaurants, cafes, etc., spend a lot of money on interior work to bring the best look inside. Tiles, cupboard work, royal play painting work, wall panels, wood sheets and many other items are used. But using these can cost materials and labor exponentially. Especially in rental shops, offices, spending so much and spending such interior, when the place changes or when the business is stopped, such an amount is wasted.

As a solution to such problems, ESHKHA FUTURE PRIVATE LIMITED has launched two products for interior work, Poly-granite marble sheets and 3D Foam Sheets, which bring ultimate look at a low cost. Sales of these sheets have skyrocketed due to their recent availability in the market, affordable prices and lower cost of painting.

eshkha marble sheets wardrobe work

ESHKHA FUTURE PRIVATE LIMITED, a manufacturer of Poly-Granite Marble Sheets and Foam Sheets, supplies under the brand name “ESHKHA MARBLE SHEETS” and “ESHKHA FOAM SHEETS” to all the states in the country. Currently, the company offers zone-wise dealership and newly formed district-wise distributorship opportunities in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and other states in the country. As well as state wise .. Stockist provides opportunity. Those who are interested can take the dealership or distributorship of these “ESHKHA SHEETS” and start the ESHKHA MARBLE SHEETS and ESHKHA FOAM SHEETS business and earn good income. This company .. supplies you 3 products at very low prices namely 3mm eshkha marble sheets, 1.2mm eshkha marble sheets, 3d eshkha foam sheets. These sheets are also offered in over 1000 designs.

eshkha marble sheets
eshkha marble sheets interior work

These marble sheets are glued to the wall or floor instead of the tiles you use for the floor and wall. That’s it! Again you can easily remove it whenever you want. To paste these marble sheets, cement plastering is not required for the brick wall. The same goes for things like tiles though. So using these sheets saves a lot of material and labor cost for the cement plastering.
These marble sheets are waterproof. They do not melt and damage even at a temperature of 200 degrees. This sheet does not damage the heat in the kitchen. Although used as tiles for the floor of the house, it does not absorb the water and colors that fall on the floor sheet when mopping the floor. For the price of regular marbles, these are available at 50% of the cost. Also this sheet is flexible, fireproof, termite proof, borer proof, and waterproof. This product is much cheaper than Mica Plywood. These marble sheets have a lifespan of up to 30 years.
Eshkha marble sheets can be used in newly built houses, old houses like bedroom cupboards, modular kitchen work, living hall partitions, bathrooms, pop ceiling etc. Beautiful interior design can be done inside the house at very low cost. Also in offices, shops, gym centers, cafes, restaurants, food courts, showrooms, video shoot backgrounds, etc., walls and ceilings can be decorated with marble sheets and foam sheets at very low cost.

eshkha marble sheets work at living hall

These Eshkha Foam sheets are self-adhesive. That means sheets have gum. Just remove the paper behind the foam sheet and paste it anywhere. The gum on these sheets can be easily attached to the wall or ceiling. Are very light weight. It was washable. Can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Also it is fire resistant. This foam sheet size is 5sq.fts, 5.3sq.fts. Life of these sheets is 5 to 6 years.
3-4 lakhs to get the dealership of this Eshkha company and Rs. 8,00,000 / – to get the distributorship. The company will give you less material for that amount. The company helps in technical and marketing in every aspect to develop your business. Those who join as a distributor or dealer will have to rent a 100-200 square feet commercial shop to display the material. There are no sales targets in this business.
Also gives complete training on how to install these sheets. For newcomers to the business, the company provides good guidance and support.
When it comes to revenue, the company says it can earn between Rs 4 lakh and Rs 5 lakh a month in this business.

Both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states as well as other states in our country can apply for this dealership / distributorship / Stockist.

Contact Eshkha Company to get dealership/distributorship of this Eshkha Company or if you have any queries regarding this business. Those who are interested in this business should go directly to the company and take a look at everything and make a decision. The company is based in vellore, Tamil Nadu. It is very close to Chittoor. People in Tamil Nadu speak Telugu to you.
The ESHKHA company below is their address and phone.

Contact them by Numbers.
19/27, DKM College Rd, Sainathapuram, RV Nagar, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632001
Ph: +91 99439 28616, 86675 53574
Contact: MONDAY TO SATURDAY 10AM TO 5PM between only.
Sunday and festival time Holiday.

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    • Please Contact the company:
      Ph: +91 99439 28616, 86675 53574

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