Women Entrepreneur: She was started a business with 15K, today earns lakhs of rupees

In this article, we will learn the story of an ideal woman who started a business seven years ago with Rs 15,000 and today earns millions and employs 30 women.

Going into further details, her name is Ravilala Anusha. She is from Mandalapadu village, Khammam district. Mango is one of the seasonal nature-giving weeks. Ravilala Anusha has changed her job to mango nuts. She started the mango drainage business seven years ago with Rs 15,000 and today employs 30 women.

Ravilala anusha


Anusha explained that this manufacturing, which is done only for two months in the summer, has shown itself a new way in the market sector.
He also explains how he started his business.


amchur powder


“Our farming family. I’m educated to a degree. Married, two children. Growing cotton on an acre and a half of land. Seven years ago when we were selling cotton at the market, we came to know about the mango draft business. We usually make mango drains at home every summer.

It is learned that such drains are being dried up and made into a big market in North India. Knowing that amoxicillin powder is used in dishes instead of sourdough, we wanted to see good profits in this business and wanted to make it on a large scale.
The first year Mavaru Ramakrishna and I bought mangoes together for 15 thousand rupees. Our relatives collected up to 2 tons of mango nuts from four mango trees, cut them into pieces and dried them into seven bags. Sell ​​them. Earlier our family was engaged in this work. We then hired others to fit in the work later.

That year we saw an income of lakhs of rupees. The following year we invested the maximum amount, made twenty quintals of drains and brought them to Nizamabad and marketed them.
We keep increasing the work every year. We have been producing 50 quintals of drains every year for five years. Once the profit has come, once again we are seeing serious loss as well.


Amchur powder making


Cut a slice from the mango and let it dry well. No matter how much rain falls, the drains will be damaged. Do not sell. Since the manufacturing process is weather dependent, the problems are not to blame.

On our house, we dry mango slices on an empty roadside. Almost all of the work is in the end. We pitched tents for two months and did this work. All women are involved in this work. The work, which involves more than 30 people daily, lasts for two months.

Seeing our work, DRDA and V-Hub lent and helped. We also bought chili and turmeric machines. We wanted to dry the drains and sell. The label also came with the name ‘Krishi’. But, along with drainage machines, label printing and packing can cost millions. I am trying to sell amchoor powder next year under our own label, ”explained Anusha.

Success story of Anusha Gary, an ideal woman who started a business with Rs 15,000 and employs 30 women. So if you like this article please comment in the comment section that it is good.

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