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sangam dairy parlour details | How to get sangam milk dairy parlour

 Sangam Dairy is a leading company in the field of dairy in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In this article, we will learn about the diary outlet or franchise opportunity offered by this company.

Going into further details, the milk collected from Sangam dairy farmers is preserved through modern methods and good quality milk and dairy products are supplied to their customers on a daily basis. Sangam dairy outlets …. have been established in many places in our Telugu states. Also new outlets are starting in many places.

In this Sangam dairy outlet buffalo milk, cow milk, panner, curd, Kova, doodh peda, Malai Laddu, Kalakand, Kaju Bharfi, Chikkies, Osmania biscuits, Cup Cakes, Bread, Eggless Cakes, four varieties of ghee, ice creams, milkshakes , Cheese (colostrum milk sweet), lassi, buttermilk, and butter, and badam milk contain products such as varities. Revenue will be earned through their sales.

So, those who are interested in this Sangam Dairy franchise or outlet can bring a franchise in your area, start a Sangam diary outlet and become self-employed. As well as earn a good income.

You need a total investment of around Rs 1 lakh to start a Sangam Dairy outlet. Of this, Rs. 25,000 / – is required to pay a deposit to the company, which is a refundable deposit. The company will refund the deposit amount of 25000 / – rupees when you need to close the outlet. Also in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, depending on the area, it can be observed that there is some difference in the investment amount.

10 ‘x 8’ commercial shop rental purpose is enough for Sangam Dairy outlet in residential or congested area, if you want to put parlor like sit out you need to take a little more area. The company helps in interior setup as well as company branding.

The company provides oil painting, lighting, and boards for outlet decoration. You need to purchase the internal racks in the shop. The outlet requires two freezers. The company will give you a freezer if you pay the amount. All this including 1 lakh rupees. (25000 / – rupees deposit, + 60,000- / two freezers + rent, + interior all together one lakh investment is sufficient).

The company is always checking everything in the outlet. All you need is a helper to run the dairy as well. Also supports offline and online advertising for your franchise. Every day the company sends them stock, bill bill payment to stock bill payment.

When it comes to revenue, Sangam products are given to you at the distributor price. This outlet has a profit margin of 12-15% on sales. You can earn a minimum of Rs. 30,000 / – per month even with 30% sales in starting.


Also, if you have any queries or concerns regarding this Sangam Dairy franchise, please contact Sangam Dairy pvt ltd Company to get a franchise.

Sangam Milk Producer Company Limited,

Vadlamudi, 522213, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh

Phone: 0863-2025555

 Cell no: 9618064455, 7337447272

Website: –

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