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wood pressed oil extraction business with low investment

In this article we will learn about a good business opportunity that is in great demand, which can be started with a low investment only once in your own villages or cities by a leading company.

Going into more detail, in this digital age, having a smart phone with everyone, being active on social media, what is good for good health? Which is worse? Everyone is aware of the things that .. Due to the corona, about the importance of immunity, began to raise awareness among the people. Everyone is focused on nutrition and health.

People are turning to ganuga oils as they are aware that the use of refined oils available in the market in this category can increase the bad cholesterol in the body and cause serious health damage, as well as massive contamination of the oil itself. The use of pure cold press virgin oils made from wood can increase immunity and help us stay healthy.

So, for those who want to start a ganuga oil business, Sri Krishna swamy Metal works, a leading company, has launched the latest wood pressed oil extraction machines with the latest technology, best features, in different variations, at low prices.

cold press oil machines

This wood pressed oil extraction machine does not heat the oil due to slow play. So the nutrients in the oil are solid. It is needed less than regular oils on a monthly basis. The taste of the dishes increases. In this machine you can make good income by extracting oils like peanuts, coconut, sesame and sunflower. This business is called the Cold Pressed Oil Business. So there is going to be a huge demand for these cold pressed oils nowadays as well as in the future.

Sri Krishna Swamy Metal Works

This company has wood pressed oil extraction machines in different variations depending on the quantity of raw materials put in the machine like 10 kgs, 20 kgs, 30 kgs. The price of a 10kgs machine is around Rs 1,20,000. The price of a 20kgs machine is around Rs 1,90,000. The price of a 30kgs machine is around Rs 2,65,000. GST + Transport charges are extra on these prices. These machines work with single phase power supply. The company offers a 3yrs replacement warranty for the gearbox and motors in these machines. Doorstep service provides. Also the company will give you complete training on how to operate this machine.

Just a little space at home is enough to run this machine. When demand grows, you can take a shop in a congested area and develop a business. This wood pressed oil extraction machine is also known as wood pressing machine and cold pressed oil machine.
Contact Sri Krishna swamy Metal works Company to purchase these machines. Contact them by the phone numbers that appear on this screen.

M/s Sri Krishna Swamy Metal works
Address: Opp: Roots horn Company, ganapathy, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,
For Inquiry: 8778633642,
Office Numbers: 9842242263, 7604860839.

And when it comes to income in this business,
When customers bring raw materials like peanuts, coconut, sesame and pick up the oil through our wood pressed oil extraction machine, we charge Rs 25 to 30 / – per kg of raw material. For example, if a customer puts 5 kg of peanuts in the machine and extracts the oil, it will cost Rs. 5×25 / – = 125 / -. 2500 / – per day for 20 people per day. 75000 / – per month. 15,000 / – minus one helper salary, current and other expenses .. 60,000 / – per month as income.
You can also earn income by buying raw materials and selling cold pressed oils under your own brand name.

wood press oil extraction machines

We need to bring awareness to those around you about the dangers posed by the oils available in the market, the subsequent health problems, and the hospital bills that can be caused by them. If you make some people aware, business will grow slowly through word of mouth. People who care about health will definitely support your business.

If you want to make and sell your own oil, you need to get an FSSAI certificate. It is sufficient to take the local municipal PERMISSION as well.

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  • Hi, I am Tharun from Hyderabad.
    My wife is house wife, she wanted to start a small business i.e. providing the Indians good health, to have a good health, Oil plays a major role, she wanted to sell wood pressed oil to customers by explaining them the benefits of this wood pressed oil. But shee needed a good guidance how to start and where to buy raw materials. If possible will u explain..


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