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Washmart franchise opportunity, earn with laundry business in india

In this post, we will learn about Washmart Company, a leading company in the laundry business, offering franchise business opportunity in all the cities of our Telugu states.

Going into more detail, food and clothing are our minimum requirements, which are always in demand for the related business. Commonly expensive silk and fancy sarees, as well as regularly used bedsheets, sofa covers, curtains. Many types of dresses require careful washing. Silk saris and suits for parties are given for dry cleaning. Dry wash makes cloths last longer. So dry cleaning and laundry services are used regularly. So, there is always good demand for dry cleaning business.

For more details on the Wash Mart (dry cleaning and laundry) franchise!
Wash Mart is a laundry business company that has become very popular in Telangana. They already have branches in gachibowli, Madinaguda, and Kukatpally in Hyderabad. They also tie up with 26 hotels and hospitals in Hyderabad and provide their services. In addition to the present state of Telangana, Wash Mart franchises are also being offered in Andhra Pradesh in all areas.
The services available at the Washmart include laundry, dry cleaning, shoe cleaning, home cleaning, ironing, and rolling.

Those interested in this Washmart franchise, an innovative concept in the laundry and dry cleaning business, can take the franchise in your area, start Washmart and become self-employed. As well as earn a good income.

Washmart Team members

All kinds of services are done in the washmart outlet itself. No other service place is required. All laundry services can be done in one place. Enough for the first three months, the raw material company will provide you with the desired raw material. The company will supply you the raw material at a very low price. This means that for a service of around Rs. 2 lakhs, it will cost up to Rs. 2000 / – monthly. The company will tie up with leading hotels and hospitals. So if their branches are in your area, you will get orders from there.

Starting this Washmart franchise would require an investment of around 12-13 lakhs. This amount is the cost of machinery, interior, franchise cost, as well as materials required for the franchise. All these are provided by the company. The company does not have to buy the required items for the outlet. You can start a business with them even if you have them. Then you will have less investment, you can buy all the electronic items like CCTV camera, printer for Washmart franchise set up, that amount will be deducted from the total investment, if you have the items you need for infrastructure you do not need to buy them from the company.

Washmart services

The company charges a franchise fee of Rs 3 lakh for men and Rs 2.5 lakh for women to avail the Washmart franchise on this 12 lakh investment amount. This fee is non-refundable. They charge this service charge for five years of service and five years for marketing and branding. The rest of the amount goes to the Washmart set up. Another Rs. 4,00,000 / – has to be paid to the company for the franchise interior machines. The company will give you the machines you need for washing for this amount. You still have 5 lakhs of rupees left to spend on air conditioning, interior and plumbing works at the outlet. You will pay a total of 7 lakhs rupees to the company and you will have the remaining 5 lakhs which will have to be spent for the outlet set up. In Washmart, the company takes care of all the things like branding and marketing. You will also receive orders online. The company will also give you 10,000 pamphlets in starting for marketing.

The franchise agreement is for 5 years. Can be renewed after 5 years. Renewal fee is only 500 rupees. It also has to pay the contract cost.
To start this Washmart franchise, at least 500 sq.fts of commercial space is required in the congested area. Washmart themed interior should be ready inside the outlet. The company will guide. Also three manpower is required to run the outlet. One operates the machines, the other stays at the cash counter and takes orders, the other packing. The company gives full training to the workers in the franchise. Provides technical support for all machineries. The company will support you for machine servicing and repair.
The company will also send you the raw materials you need for the outlet from time to time.


When it comes to revenue, this franchise has a 30% profit margin on sales. Business leads from company to you provide customers. You will receive orders from the company to which they are tied up and you will have to pay 3% service charge to the company. If you do business worth around 2 lakhs rupees per month you get 6000 / – rupees to the company have to pay.

Also if you have any details on this Washmart franchise, have any doubts or contact the Washmart company to get the franchise.
M / s Washmart Pvt ltd, H-187, Sector –63, Noida, 201301, Phone: 1800-891-3588.
Email: –, Website: –

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