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Tea Ten franchise business opportunity in india

Most people are not white without chai. If Garam Garam Chai falls into the throat, there is no time. We do not have a cup of cups of tea from the sun to night. Tea Ten, a company called Tea Ten, has brought to the market with the “Tea Ten Franchise” Business opportunity.

The company currently offers TEA TEN franchises in all states of India, in all district centers, towns and other areas. Interested entrepreneurs, unemployed youths, women and retired employees, consult them with the company and make good income by using this franchise opportunity.




To make this TEN TEN franchise start, if you are in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, you will need to pay Rs 1,70,000/- to the company. In the same other states, the investment of Rs. As for this Amount, the franchisee sets in the shop you show. You need to be a shop in the Commercial Area with Minimum 100 SQ Feets.
This Shop sets the company, TEA TEN Outlet, at a lower cost to be the best ambience and hygiene. Also in the case of Menu Recipe, there are different flavours, best tastes, quality, best protice.

No monthly royalty fees are not being taken from you.
These TEA TEN Outlets Menu contain tea, coffees, lassies, ICE TEA’s, and a variety of verities.
When it comes to Tea Ten Franchise Setup,
As part of the Furnish Cur setup, 1 counter table, partition, 2 wooden ray, 1 plywood table provides.
Also when it comes to display boards,
10×3 Glow Sign Board, 4×3 Lollipop Board, Arch (ARCH) Flexi Board and Menu Boards.




Especially when these TEA TEN Franchise Highlights come and the company will give you a master pack of ₹ 12000, coffee & milk shake powders for free. Sale of these ₹ 12000 Powders, which will turnover up to Rs 80,000/- of which will be 40% to 50% profit margin.

As well as kitchen items, a 230 -liter freezer.
Yet LPG Gas Gas Stove, 6 Sauses_Pyes, 1 Milk Cowl, Spoon, Mags & A Lighter, Plastic Tea Boxes & Crushes, News Blender (1), Small Oven, 1 Liter Thermo (2), 10×10 Green MAT , 6 stools & teapoy (1), which provides the company.




This company gives the menu training on the menu recipe.
Also, the company always gives you all kinds of advice and suggestions you need to do business.

If you have any doubts on these TEA TEN Franchise details, contact the company. Those who are interested in this business, discuss all things with the company, take a look at all and make a decision.

M/s tea ten,
Address: Secunderabad- 500003, TS, India.
Phone numbers: 9490781010, 9000487810.

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