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Tata Cliq Offline Store franchise opportunity by Elocal Store

Nowadays in the internet age social media is the superpower and in this context online purchases have increased significantly. The culture of online shopping has grown significantly since Corona. A leading company survey has revealed that online shopping is currently growing three times faster. Also online shopping portals are announcing crazy offers. Customers are attracted to these offers and are booking their favorite ones online. Tata cliq ecommerce company is one of the giants in this online shopping field.

Tata cliq .. This is the fastest growing platform after amazon, flikart. This Tata cliq also has a wide range of products such as mobile phones, home appliance, computers and laptops, kitchen appliances, footwear, fashion jewelery, other electronic items at best prices. Online orders on tata cliq are increasing exponentially every year.

With this tata cliq online shopping platform you have the opportunity to start an online business and earn good income with very little investment. These opportunities are provided by a company called ELOCAL STORE.

ELOCAL STORE .. tied up as a partner with tata cliq. For those who want to do business with tata cliq online shopping platform, ELOCAL STORE .. “Tata cliq” offers offline buyzone store franchisees.
You do not need big stores, godowns, delivary boys to start this tata cliq store. You can start this tata cliq store with mobile or computer in any shop where you are already doing any business, it will run like an offline e-commerce tata cliq store. This is a booking store. This means that the items available in tata cliq can be booked from our store and the tata cliq will deliver to our customer.
This Tata cliq can book electronic appliances, tv, refrigerator, washing machine, fashion items, small apparels etc. in the offline store. You get a commission on every item you book.

ELOCAL STORE Company offers 3 types of business opportunities in the Tata cliq offline buyzone store segment. 1) tata cliq offline buyzone store franchise (retailer) 2) dealership 3) distributorship.

1) Tata cliq offline buyzone store franchise (retailer):
To get tata cliq offline buyzone store franchise you have to pay Rs. 2000 / – to ELOCAL STORE Company. For those who get this franchise, there will be a 10% commission on product sales ordered through their tata cliq offline store. There are ups and downs depending on the product category. There are also additional incentives for regular sales in the offline store. This franchise (retailer) is assigned by pin code.

2) Dealership:
If you want to join as a dealer you have to pay Rs.5000 / – to ELOCAL STORE Company. They are assigned areas by division. If you appoint a new franchisee or retailer in the division assigned to the dealer, the dealer will get 40% commission on each retailer. Also comes with 3% Extra Royalty on retailer sales.

3) Distributorship:
If you want to join as a distributor, you have to pay Rs. 10,000 / – to ELOCAL STORE Company. Distributorships are allocated by district. If a new franchisee or retailer is appointed in the district assigned to the distributor, the distributor will receive a 50% commission on each retailer. Also comes with 3% Extra Royalty on retailer sales.
Only one store needs to be assigned to a pincode that is a distributor / dealer.

Tata Cliq also offers future delivery franchises and other business opportunities for retailers, dealers and distributors at ELOCAL STORE.

If you have any queries regarding this tata cliq offline store, please call 9391954708, 9391931543 or visit the website and contact the company. Those who are interested in this business, the company should discuss all the issues with them, take a look at everything and make a decision.

Also if you are interested in taking this tata cliq offline store, just fill out the form in google form link here, you will get ELOCAL STORE call back.

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