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Startup business ideas in india | Entrepreneur story of Malathi, 4amShop in india

This is the article about the inspirational story of successful women entrepreneur Malathi garu. She was the founder of 4amShop home delivery startup. She was succeeded in vegetables home delivery business. And motivational successful life stories in india.
Mrs.Malathi story video in telugu link:: https://youtu.be/dgn5BVQonIc

Success Story of Mrs.Malathi:

Starting vegetables at home .. Bringing goods is not cheap these days. But they are rarely the ones to bring home the items needed at dawn. Malati, who realized it, opened a 4 AM shop. That means bringing essential services home when no one is available. Cans of milk, fruits, vegetables, chicken, rice and water .. All this is served by white dawn. This is how she got the idea ..
“We got married three years ago. Ours is Warangal. Milk boy did not arrive by the time he set up camp in Hyderabad. If they want to go to work soon, tea and coffee would not be milk. The ones that were broken the previous day were each broken. There were no shops to get some goods. Lots of problems in the morning. It seemed to me that there were other women in trouble like me who wanted to do something. Early in the morning came the idea of ​​providing the necessary necessities. 
Ours has agreed. In 2014, we launched a 4am shop. We offer palu, fresh water, eggs, rice, fruit, vegetables, magazines and coconut pondalu .. from 4 am to 7 pm. After that we supply fresh water for up to ten hours. These services are currently being offered to nearly three thousand customers in Gachibowli, Miyapur, Nizampet, Kukatpally and Bachupalli in Hyderabad. It receives an annual income of over three and a half crore rupees a year.
Services by App: 
Mothers who send children to school before business, speaks to early morning job seekers. Many were interested. We have designed the app along with our company website. Customers can order the goods required by us within eleven hours of the night before and at any time. The goods go to the groom.
Not just salary: 
We start our work at two o’clock in the morning. We list the details of the customers. We will send our staff accordingly. At first the staff had trouble getting through. Why many people are not interested in the Madame model who woke up early. So we have come out of the neighborhood of Hyderabad to study for the poor students who come to work in the spare time. They are paying the monthly salary and the college fees. We are also paying room rent. There were about twenty boys and about thirty other staff.

There will be no congestion: 
customers will get the bill themselves. Money can also be paid online. Since there is no traffic in the morning, we reach the customers at the expected time. Compared to the rest of the cargo .. milk packets are carried from time to time. No extra charge for taking home. We are mostly focused on gated communities. Our services are available at once or can be taken on a monthly basis. For those who want to go to the bilge, we only provide information through our app. We are trying to provide flowers, breakfast, idli, doshapindi ..” – Mrs.Malathi
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