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Small manufacturing business from the village: cocopeat blocks making industry plan

In this article, we will learn about a small industry that can start in the villages, bring in good profits, and is in huge demand.

Going into more detail, do you know cocopeat? If you do not know, you must know about cocopeat in this article. Because cocopeat is in huge demand in our country and abroad. Cocopeat is the husk or husk that falls off in the process of separating the coconut fiber from the coconut.


This cocopeat is mostly used in nurseries. Coconut peel is an oyster, allowing the plant to easily absorb nutrients through the roots during germination. In particular, the plant is able to adapt to the water and nutrients needed for plant growth. Coco peat in particular is rich in potassium. Potassium plays a key role during plant cultivation. Coconut peat contains potassium as well as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium and many other minerals.

The cocopeat decomposes quickly and turns into organic fertilizer, which helps the plants to grow well. It is being purchased mostly because of its usefulness. In addition to nurseries, coco peat is also widely used by terrace garden, poly house, greenhouse, hydroponics and aquaponics operators.
Raw cocopeat is somewhat contaminated. That is why there are different types of companies in the market that store, process and manufacture raw coco peat into blocks and sell it in the market.
So you too can start this cocopeat blocks manufacturing industry in your villages and earn good income.

cocopeat blocks making

Raw material and machinery required for the manufacture of Cocopeat blocks:
Friends, coconut husk (powder) to make cocopeat blocks, water and packing materials to pack the prepared cocopeat blocks are required. Also an automatic cocopeat making machine is required. Prices for this machine start from Rs 5 lakh. There are fluctuations in machine prices depending on production capacity and features. As well as sells these automatic cocopeat making machines. You can buy the machine through them.

cocopeat blocks making process

cocopeat blocks making process:
After dehusking the coconuts at the coconut plantations, when the fiber is separated from the husk, the husk in the husk will fall off. It should be collected. The pre-collected husk should be spread 10 cm thick on the ground above the sloping cement floor and soaked with water every four hours to remove the acid properties in the husk as these are harmful to the trees and should be watered continuously for 5 to 6 days. , Then dry to less than 10% moisture. Then make blocks with the help of the Cocopeat making machine. The blocks thus prepared should be packed and supplied to the customers. Also machine sellers are given training on how to make these Cocopeat blocks.

Income & Expenditure Details:
When it comes to profit, to make one kg cocopeat block, all the expenses like work labor, current etc. will be around Rs. 10 / -. The retail price in the market is 60 / – to 100 / – per kg cocopeat block. Even if you sell 100 kg per day at a wholesale price of Rs. 40 / -, you will have Rs. 4000 / – per day and an income of Rs. 1 lakh per month.

cocopeat used

Cocopeat blocks need to be marketed to nurseries, poly house, greenhouse, and hydroponics operators. They require a large amount of cocopeat. Also landscaping agencies and mushroom cultivation use them even more. They can also be sold. Similarly, you can join amazon, Flipkart as a seller and sell Cocopeat blocks.

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