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New Business ideas in india | mosquito net making business plan

Small business ideas in india: Hi friends! In this video you will learn about the most profitable small business idea you have ever known.

 The common problem in every home in our country is the mosquito bite. Mosquitoes spread many diseases. Mosquitoes serve as carriers for diseases such as malaria, dengue, chickenpox and baldness. Especially at the onset of the rainy season we see people suffering from these diseases due to mosquitoes. Reports from health agencies show that people spend most of their income on diseases caused by these mosquitoes. No matter how many we use repellants, coils and coating on the body to prevent mosquitoes at home, there is no protection against mosquitoes. 

So nowadays some mosquitoes are setting up mosquito net for Doors and Windows without getting into the house. Only the wealthy are making mosquito net frames with wood and aluminum frames. It is more expensive. But today Plastic mosquito nets are also available at very low cost. You can make these plastic mosquito nets and make them profitable at home. This Plastic mosquito net comes to life and lasts 6 to 8 years. If dust accumulates on the nets, the nets can be removed, washed and reassembled from time to time. So there is always demand for this.

Now let’s find out what Raw Materials are required for Plastic Mosquito Nets.
1. Double sided Velcro tape (hook and loop), 2. Plastic net, 3. Sewing machine 4. Scissor 5.Adhesive

 Now let’s learn how to make plastic mosquito nets!
First we need to take the customer’s window dimensions and cut the plastic net accordingly. The velco loop layer must be stiching with the help of a sewing machine. The Velco tape hook layer should be pasted to the window on the four edges of the edges. Velcro tape has a gum to paste the window surface. Can be very strangled. If the velco tape does not fit properly to the window, paste it with Adhesive. Stiching the plastic net to the window velcro hook layer. That’s what friends! Plastic mosquito net manufacturing process. Very simple. Also watch this video ………………………..

Raw materials for this business are available in all cities and towns. Also available on online ecommerce sites such as Amazon, flipkart and

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