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New business ideas for women with low investment | women entrepreneur kanyakumari story

Opportunity to work per hour whenever possible .. Let work after training. If the skills are not right, go and learn and teach too much .. Do not think of corporate organization! But an ordinary woman is following all this. Read on. Until then, even if the husband is a wife, he has started a business to be his companion if he has a problem. She shared her idea with others and made them walk with her too. With an investment of Rs 6,000, it is earning over Rs 12 lakh per month. Who is that women entrepreneur? Are you self-employed with any business? In this article, we will learn about such things.

Going into further details, her name is Kanyakumari. She hails from Vijayanagar in Andhra Pradesh.
‘Whatever we do .. should be useful to all four’ .. this is what Srinivas‌ Prasad, the husband of Kanyakumari, often says to her. He runs a supermarket. Under his influence, she wanted to employ someone.
Kanyakumari explains why she had to start a business. “I was born and raised in Odisha. Have you read Inter. With the help of a woman, make pots and pans and sell them. Then add more. They, on the other hand, had to separate from their partners. Cringed at the deception one had committed. Wanted to commit suicide. Couldn’t see him doing that, always encouraging me and being brave. I believe that financial difficulties will not last for many days. If not you have to work a little harder. Say the same. I will be a companion too.

Food garden kanyakuamri

All I know is the dishes. I know how to make it tasty and clean. If you want to customize it as a business. Many women have a difficult mentality and are powerless without knowing the right way. If they want a chance. Get closer to those around you .. If you are interested in saying that I am starting like this, come along. Empty the top of the house with those who came forward and start baking. All of my co-workers are women. So we started ‘Food Garden’ in 2016 with an investment of Rs 6,000. We offer everything from Arakeji limes to powders, pickles, pastries, bakery products and more. At first many people were frustrated that you could not do it, that money was wasted. I have always had a positive outlook. Awesome ignored. Knowing that he was trying to do this with fellow women, a friend of ours who was abroad also invested. It gave me a lot of courage.

Homemade is delicious. But can’t you attract everyone to buy with them! We had a similar problem. Sometimes certain ingredients fail no matter how many times they are made. Mom and Grandma get close and learn. Even after training for a few days in Bangalore. Whoever joins us..they will be trained in everything from cleanliness to how to do it. Also .. a house next door, unhealthy mother-in-law, business on the other hand. Would not have been lazy. Many people have the same problem. Quickly quit with this. All the training and hard work given till then was in vain! That is why it is possible to do it at a convenient time rather than on a fixed hour basis. As it was suitable for many people started coming and doing things whenever possible, whenever possible. Something similar in those years.

Go ahead and cross each one. We now have about 40 people working for us. There is no difference between employer and employee. We all work together as a family. In any case, the shop will hand over the responsibilities to them. Quality and health are paramount. Hence the use of chemicals and dyes. We are making about 300 varieties. We will write down where we used them and stack them. That made us believe. We are sending to other places by courier. Those who go abroad are also treated and taken away.
Nothing in life is permanent. Everything is one step. Do not cringe when faced with difficulty. It will cross if tried with a little patience. I believe so. That is why Opigga Opigga continued even though the profits did not come in the beginning. That is the reason why I am doing business worth over Rs 1 crore every year, ”said Kanyakumari.

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