Stockist business opportunity, Milan Ayur STOCKIST Business opportunity with Low Investment

Milan Ayur STOCKIST Business opportunity with Low Investment:

In this article, with very little investment, without any marketing tensions, without any risks in business, without having to sell products, you can earn lakhs of income per month by just delivering stock.

The company is looking for super stockists at district level in both the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Understand this business opportunity completely and contact the company immediately if you like it.

If we go into details, today we are using cosmetic and home care products of various companies for beauty and home cleanliness in our homes. But most of those products are using harmful chemicals and new types of health problems are arising.
As a solution to this, herbal products that are coming into the market now and do not have any chemicals will increase in popularity. Also the use and demand of organic / natural products is increasing day by day. Due to these we can protect ourselves from many types of diseases and health problems.





So, Milan Ayur Naturals is a leading manufacturing company that manufactures chemical-free, herbal homecare and natural cosmetic products in this category for children, adults and the environment.

This company manufactures and markets these products under the brand names Exol & My Ayur in two categories: Herbal Home Care Products and Natural Cosmetic Products.. This is Milan Ayur Naturals.

At this company
Herbal Home Care Products,
1. Herbal Dishwash Gel,
2. Herbal Liquid Detergent,
3. Herbal Floor Cleaner,
4. Herbal Toilet Cleaner.


In Natural Cosmetic Products
1. Natural & Ayurvedic Hair Shampoo
2.Natural & Ayurvedic Hair Oil
3. Anti Bacterial Face & Body Wash
4. Skin Lightening Face & Body Wash
5. Skin Lightening Gel
6. Pimples & Acne Care Gel



For the products available from them, the company has obtained all kinds of approvals and licenses from the concerned departments and the government.

This Milan Ayur Naturals company is looking for super stockists at district level for their Herbal Home Care Products and Natural Cosmetic Products in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. The company hopes that interested aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to utilize this opportunity. The company says that you can get a guaranteed income of Rs.50 thousand to Rs.1 lakh per month just by delivering stock.

Milan Ayur Naturals company has its own manufacturing unit and marketing through its own marketing team. For those who have taken the Super Stockist point, orders will be placed from the company without any marketing problem. Apart from that these products are available on all kinds of online websites. Available in popular online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Geomart, Big Basket.

Now let’s know what are the qualifications for this super stockist point!
* This stockist point should be in district center or town.
* Should have minimum 150 – 200 feet shop/ godown/ office.
* Should contain shop name and firm name
* Should have GST certificate
* Bank account should be above shop name/firm name
* Must have labor license
* Appropriate bill books should be available for billing.

As for investment and income details,
To take a district level stockist point of Milan Ayur Naturals Company a minimum of Rs. An investment of up to 3 lakhs will be required. For this amount, stock/material will be provided from the company. There is no need to pay any security deposit with the company. From company to stockist point material/stock reaches at company’s expenses. Stockist point they don’t need to pay any delivery charges.

Coming to the income details, the company has 20% profit margin for stock maintenance and delivery to shops, and all kinds of promotions and advertisements related to online business are also from the company. 50,000/- per month by taking a stockist point at district level to Rs. Earn up to 1,00,000/-.



As for the support provided by the company,
The company provides sales & marketing staff.
Marketing staff salary, allowance, incentives are all provided by the company.
The company provides all kinds of promotions and advertisements related to online business.
Business orders from online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Geomart etc.
It helps to develop business through stores like distributor, wholesale business, super market etc.

M/s Milan Ayur Naturals
Phone number: 9441800548, 9121283360.
Address: 402 C/D3, 4th floor, Mustafa Towers, Lakdikapool, Hyderabad- 500 004

That’s it readers! Details about business opportunity of Milan Ayur Naturals company. Share your opinion on this article in the comments.

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