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How to start banana chips making industry at home with low investment?

Searching for Small business ideas in india? you visited the perfect website on New business ideas in india. Now let us learn about Banana chips making Business in this article.
In this article we will learn about the newest business that can be started at home with low investment. If going into the topic

Banana is one of the most widely cultivated crops in our Telugu states. The bananas are exported to other states in our country and abroad to 15 countries including Iran, Iraq, Malaysia and Singapore. Since these bananas are used only for eating and cooking, they are not affordable to the farmers. But abroad, in some states like Kerala in our country, bananas are processed and various products are made. These bananas are used to make banana chips, banana wafers, banana powder, banana figs, fig juice, banana flour, and banana puree. There are also many health benefits to eating this banana. Many people think that eating a banana will make them fat. However, you can lose weight with green bananas. Vitamin B-6 in banana dissolves body fat and controls overweight.

And by making delicious Banana wafers and Banana chips with these green bananas, you can earn a good income. Let us now learn how to make Banana wafers and Banana chips and what the revenue will be like.

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“Now let us know what are the raw materials required for making Banana wafers and chips.
Need raw bananas, salt, pepper, turmeric, oil, cauldron, packing pouches.

Next we will find out what machines are needed to make Banana wafers and chips.
This industry needs three machines. One is banana wafers making machine. Prices start at Rs 27,000. Two banana chips making machine. Prices also start at Rs 27,000. With these machines 80 kg banana wafers & banana chips can be made per hour. This machine works with single phase power supply. Three sealing machine. This is a normal packing machine. Prices start from Rs. 1200 / -. Normally packaged ones can be stored for up to 15 days. With the same Nitrogen Flushing Band Sealer machine, the chips can be packed and stored for about 3 months. Prices for this Nitrogen Flushing Band Sealer machine start from Rs 30,000. These machines vary in capacity depending on the capacity produced per hour. There will be changes in prices as well.
All the machines related to this business are available at and

Now let’s learn about making these Banana wafers and chips!
Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. After washing, put the bananas in the banana wafers making machine. Heavy thin wafers come out of the machine. In the same way, if you put the peeled bananas in a banana chips making machine, they will come out as round chips. Add enough salt, chilli and turmeric to the chips and mix well. Put these green wafers & chips in a well-oiled pan and remove until the chips turn golden. Banana wafers and chips made in this way should be packed with the help of a packing machine and transported to the market.

Vendors of machines also give you training on how to make these Banana wafers and chips.

Income and expenses are all based on the selling price of Banana wafers and chips, the salaries of the work workers, the electricity bill, transportation costs and your local conditions. You are told these calculations for an estimate.

Now let’s learn about marketing.
Food products such as snack points, bakeries, movie theaters, grocery stores, and supermarkets need to be marketed where they are sold.
Before starting this business, we request you to study more about Banana wafers and chips in the market and other things.

“Let’s find out what government permissions this industry needs.”
If you start this Banana wafers and chips manufacturing business as a cottage industry,
Local authorities permission must be taken.
Must obtain FSSAI Food License.
Still need to take a trade license. GST registration is required if required.

Contact your nearest District Industries Center, the District Industries Center, about government schemes and subsidy schemes applicable to the Banana wafers and chips manufacturing industry. If you type “District Industries Center” in a Google search, the District Industries Center location in your district will show up.

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