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Inspiring success story of women entrepreneur Sujatha, lucky candles

The lamp is a symbol of life. One lamp illuminates many lamps. If you know how to drive that light, life will be brighter. A woman who illuminated her life with a preparation she learned to have fun is a direct example of that. Who is that women entrepreneur? Are you self-employed with any manufacturing? In this article we will learn about such things.

Going into further details, her name is Sujatha Medabala. She started the business with candle making which she learned to have fun and is earning huge income.
Sujatha started a small business in Hyderabad, Pragati Nagar under the name “Lucky Candles”. The industry is small, but the candles made in it are not small. In the movie Bahubali, candles are made big enough to carry Prabhas Shivalinga on his shoulders. Two feet in circumference, two and a half feet high candle it.

Mrs.Sujatha Medabala, Lucky Candles

That’s why the name of the candle came into play as the fun Bahubali candle. Do you know the weight of the Bahubali candle? 30 kg. If the price is known, even the dots in the candle light will appear. The price of that candle is 30 thousand rupees. Sujatha said that it was a customized candle, one that was specially ordered and molded specifically for this candle, so the price was right.

Most of the candles made in her industry are designer candles. Pillar Candle, Container Candle, Scented Candle, Painted Candle, Printed Candle, Floating, Personal Candle. Rituals‌ candles‌ special for festivals and other religious ceremonies.

‘‘ The light of the lamp excites the mind. That is why fragrance should be chosen according to the context in scented, aromatic candles. There are four types of natural wax candles in our experiment. Among them are soy wax, coconut wax, palm wax candles … these three vegan candles. This means that the wax is not extracted from any animal, such as birds. The fourth of the natural waxes is bee wax. Wax extract from honey. Paraffin wax is commonly used in the manufacture of candles. Now showing interest in natural wax candles, the price does not even matter. The opportunity to experiment with it is also great. I have been running this industry for ten years with three employees. All three are women. The reason why women are included … is not something to be done with the shoulder, it is something to be done creatively. Work that happens on the whole hands over. Not melting a huge amount of wax and pouring it into a single mold, everything is unique. Work to keep in mind. Patience should also be a lot. With these in mind I thought it would be nice to have women. It also seemed that it would be good to give a chance to fellow women as a woman. There are three regular employees and even part-time jobs for women when there is a huge order, ”said Sujatha.

Bahubali Candles

We have also described the industry that started as a beacon in Vizag and the wine that shines in Hyderabad. “I trained one day in a training program in Vizag. That’s fun too. The space was found when the children grew up. I made a paper cup candle thinking of what I could do anew with the work I learned from it. I have been continuing experiments like that. By the time ours retired from the job I had a full grasp on candle making.

Then I registered the company and started the business. This idea that I started for my timepass … has now become widespread after ours retirement. The industry that was formed with my idea has now reached the level of supplying candles worth two and a half lakh rupees per event. Good spread for us, employment for others. My industry is illuminating not only my life, but thousands of homes, millions of minds, ”he said, pointing to Valentine’s Day candles.

Candles making

Sujatha Madabala’s Success Story is an inspiration to many housewives. If you like this article then leave your comment in the comment section.

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