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How to start wedding card business with low investment

If we want to do wedding card business, first of all we should have some computer skills and we need to do card design. That means graphic designing and Telugu typing should be compulsory for you. If you don’t think you can do it, you can do this business by paying salary to those who have not hired anyone. For this you have to put basic investment up to 1-2.5 lakhs.

For this business, you need a wedding card printer and a PC. The minimum specifications for this PC should be 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard disk, and good processor. Also, a table to sit on the PC, some chairs and a color printer, black & white printer with scanning and printing. cards & cover papers are required. You can buy wedding card printing machine from and all the others are available from amazon or flipkart website. You don’t need much space to start a business. Even a room of 100 square feet is enough to keep the equipment. After buying a PC, we have to install any one of these two software, corel draw (or) adobe illustrator. Because using these two software we design cards and also we have to install anu script software for Telugu typing.

How will be the earnings :
Let’s say that in the first two to three months of starting this business, one card was printed by you for 5rs per day, and 250 cards were printed by you per day. 5×250=1,250rs per month 1,250 * 30 =37,500rs means you can earn up to 37,00rs per month If you hire a graphic designer with a salary of 12,000rs and deduct 5000rs for rent & current bill you can earn up to 20,000rs First two or three after starting a business After months like this, everyone knows that it is slow, so as the number of customers increases, the income increases from Rs 20,000 to Rs 60,000 in a few months.

Is this a seasonal business :
When we say wedding card business, we think that it runs only during the wedding season. And how to run the business in the rest of the months will come to you.


Multiple sources to earn :
You can earn money in other ways than just wedding card printing. In other words, everyone who does business, lawyers, doctors, engineers, and all those who have a high profile in the public, need a visiting card. You can also print visiting cards for all of them. Also, you can earn money by printing invitation cards for every function held at home like birthday functions, anniversary functions. Birthdays and anniversaries will remain the same for 365 days. So we can run this business for 365 days and we can earn money in many ways. Also we can get back our investment within the first six months. And after that, all the earnings we get are profits, so there is no need to worry that this is a seasonal business.



How to promote your business :
Everyone should know about your business, print pamphlets and distribute them in your village. If possible, send paper ads in your chosen district. Place a good banner in front of your shop in front of your shop so that all those who visit the shop can see all your services. Make sure that your phone number and timings are in the banner and keep posting daily statuses on every social media apps you are using on WhatsApp, Facebook and so that your friends and relatives know. Ask your friends and relatives to support my business by posting your posts in their contact list on the social media they are using. Make sure that your contact list increases day by day, establish good relations with all the customers and try to get other customers through them. Observe those who are doing wedding card business bigger than you and how they are doing it and how they are attracting customers. Think about how to promote your business better than them and try to implement it. Always have a positive attitude. As you get positive response about your business, be nice to everyone and develop your business by providing good services to your customers.


How it will be after few years :
After few years you can develop it further and turn your income into lakhs. You will get experience in this business and you will get a little knowledge through which you will know the shortfalls in the business and our income will also change a little. If you concentrate on this business well, in a few years, you can make yourself like a person who adds momentum to many people. You can also take this wedding card business from local to national.

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