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How to start Tirumala dairy parlour franchise in india

How to take over the Tirumala dairy parlor franchise of Tirumala Milk Products pvt ltd Company, a leading company in South India? How much investment is required? How is the income? Let’s find out now about things like!

For those who want to start any business with less investment in their own area, you can start a business with Tirumala Milk Products Company, a leading company in the dairy sector. Tirumala Company is offering franchise opportunities. You can say that taking tirumala dairy parlour franchise is a good deal.

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You do not even have to spend a lot of money to take over the Tirumala franchise. If you have an investment of Rs. 1,25,000 / -, you can take the tirumala dairy parlour franchise, which is the franchise cost. This amount is fully refundable. If you want to close the franchise within three years, a certain percentage will be deducted. If you close after three years, the full amount will be refunded. You can do business from Rs. 40,000 / – to Rs. Profit depends on service and demand.

It can be observed that the franchise cost is almost the same in all the states of India, but there is a slight price difference in some areas.

Starting a tirumala dairy parlour means you have to rent a shop for rent purpose 150-200 sft in areas where milk is mostly sold in the market, the company will guide you in choosing the shop, and the company will be involved in the decision making, the company will also ensure that the shop sells well. Suggest places where milk is mostly sold, if your company comes to a decision and starts shop in an area with good demand then business will be good. The company gives up to 60% suggestion company in shop selection, you have 40% chance, because the company has given this ratio only to indicate the area where milk sells best in the market.
The company will provide the required support for shop branding, interior, and marketing for the 1,25000 / – rupees you have paid. The shop supplies all the company provides, namely, milk freezers, VC cooler, ice cream glass top freezer.

tirumala dairy parlour

The company also pays rent and advance for the shop. There will be a one year shop landlord agreement, power bill up to Rs. 4000 / – monthly, company pays, branding also done by the company. The company also takes care of interior boards and advertising. At the start the company tries to bring volume customers from the market with two months opening offers. You need two helpers to run the shop.
The products you sell through this franchise will earn a commission based on the MRP price. That is, according to the MRP price .. 10-20 percent commission on milk packets, dairy products, ice cream on all such items.

Tirumala Milk Products will be supplied to your outlet by a pre-appointed distributor by company zones and districts.
Tirumala Company supports additional retail margins, exclusive consumer offers, store inauguration supports, equipment purchase support, free brand singage, etc. for franchisees.

Tirumala dairy parlour

You have to pay the salary of the employee working in the outlet. The company pays electricity bills and shop rentals. If you sell 400 liters of milk daily in the store, the company will pay you Rs. 8000 / – monthly for transportation charges.

You can apply for the tirumala dairy parlour franchise or find out any details,

contact number: 18004191070,

Address: Tirumala Milk Products Pvt Ltd.
New no. 75/8, 200 feet road, Thirumalai Nagar Extension, Ponniamanmedu, Madhavaram, Chennai 600110, Tamil Nadu, India.
Toll Free Number: 1800 419 1070

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