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how to start chikki making business at home with low investment?

Searching for Home based business ideas in india? you visited the perfect website on New business ideas in india. Now let us learn about Chikki making business in this article.
Chikki is a traditional Indian sweet (brittle) generally made from nuts and jaggery/sugar. There are several different varieties of chikki in addition to the most common groundnut (peanut) chikki. Each variety of chikki is named after the ingredients used, which include puffed or roasted Bengal gram, sesame, puffed rice, beaten rice, or khobra (desiccated coconut), and other nuts such as almonds, cashews and pistachios.
chikki making process video link:
In the video above how to start Chikki making business at home with low investment in telugu language. And How to Make Chikki process details in telugu. Explained full details of Chikki making business plan in telugu language in the video. also covered topics Chikki making process, Chikki making business investment details, Chikki making business raw materials and machinery details, Chikki making business income and expenses details, Chikki making a business marketing plan, and Chikki making business Government permissions and Government subsidies, margins, incentives details.
 This business you can start from home with a small investment.  This business is suitable in towns, villages, and cities. This video especially for unemployed, housewives, newbie entrepreneurs, and self-employment aspirants. There is a huge profit margin and easy to maintain this business. and also in the video how to start a business, how to get bank loans for business,  where to buy raw materials, Government subsidies, margins, incentives. makes videos on service business ideas, manufacturing business ideas, agriculture business ideas, franchise and dealership offers, entrepreneur stories and ideal farmers stories in india  for self-employment aspirants.

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