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How to start barbeque grill stall business with low investment?

FOOD BUSINESS IDEA: In this article, let’s start with an investment of Rs 30,000 and learn about a profitable food business with an income of Rs 45,000 per month.

Going into more detail, our food tastes are changing to suit the changing times. Today most people prefer charcoal roasted chicken and veg dishes. These are called Barbeque foods or bbq grill foods. There is a meaning that barbeque ante better be quick. Leaving aside the deep oil fried items, everyone is now showing interest in these types of foods. These bbq foods use very little oil, burning on fire or flames. So the food is also nice toe, tasty. So you can earn good income by setting up this BBQ GRILL stall in this Barbeque foods Business in your cities or towns. In this BBQ GRILL stall business low investment, process is very easy, profits are high.


Barbeque foods Business


Let’s find out now what items you need to set up this BBQ grill stall!
This BBQ grill stall can make and sell veg and nonveg, two types of snacks items. Become. Also requires a BBQ GRILL stand or counter. These barbeque grills include gas, electric and coal grills. Also, these barbeque grills come in different sizes and types depending on the number of burners. There are also prices that cover it. barbeque grill counter prices start from Rs. 18,000 / -. This BBQ grill counter is Indiamart for you. Com is available on the website.

Now let’s learn about snack item making in barbeque stall!
You can make and sell snack items like kababs, tandoori chicken, panner tikka, mushroom 65 and chicken 65 in this bbq stall. You can learn through them. First cut the chicken into desired chicken leg pieces, wings and boneless, mix the spices and prepare. The prepared chicken should be kept for 2 hours and when the customers come to the stall, the chicken should be roasted with charcoal with the help of grill skewer steel sticks and served hot to the customers.


BBQ Grill Stall


Now let us know the details of investment, income & expenses.
If you want to start this industry in a small way, you can start with an investment of around Rs. 30,000 / – including raw materials, serving plates, stall etc.
Also a plate of chicken is charged around 100 / – to 150 / -. It costs about 50 rupees to make a plate. Assuming a profit margin of Rs. 50 / – per plate, if we can sell a minimum of 30 plates per day, we will not incur all expenses and will have a profit of up to Rs. 1500 per day. 45000 / – per month. Prices vary depending on veg and non veg raw material.


BBQ Grill stall business


The stall will have to be set up in crowded centers, crowded parks and exhibitions. If you register for this business in Swiggy, Zomato, online orders will also come. Also can be advertised on all social media platforms
This business must have an FSSAI license i.e. a food license.

That’s it readers !! Details about Barbeque grill stall business. Let us know in the comments how you feel about this business.

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